6 Best Dog Poop Bags For Large Dogs – (Best Heavy Duty Poop Bags?)

Choosing the supplies can be a bit of a challenge when you are raising a large breed dog. You need everything large and sturdy. The best poop bags for large dogs must be large and extra thick so that they could deal with the mess without being a cause of extra hassle. 

What is the best dog poop bag for large dogs? Best pet supplies dog poop bags are great for large dogs as they are extra thick and large-sized. They are scented and have a beautiful design. You can carry them for walks too. But if you are a “green” person, moneygreen bags are a better option. 

Here’s we have compiled a list of different types of poop bags that you can use for your big dog. 

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1- Best overall: Best Pet Supplies Dog Poop Bags:

Best pet supplies dog poop bags are by far our favorite except they are not biodegradable.

The bags measure 13” in length and 9” in height, this makes them suitable for large dogs. 

Other great features of this brand poop bags are:

  • These are heavy-duty bags. Being extra thick they are suitable for the large size of the mess. 
  • They are scented and have beautiful designs
  • Easier to separate and open. 
  • Tear or rip resistant
  • Price-efficient
  • Can be carried out for walks.
  • Fit in the standard-sized dispenser. 
  • These are made up of plastic but d2w additives make their lives shorter. 

2- Best Scented: Earth Rated Extra Large Poop Bags:

Earth-rated poop bags are one of the most favorite poop bags of dog owners. 

The lavender-scented bags are great for large dogs’ mess as they are large enough for them. The size of these bags is 11 into 13 inches. 

3- Best Compostable: Open premium Pet waste bags:

Open waste bags are a great compostable option as these bags are certified by the biodegradable products institute and OK Compost & TÜV AUSTRIA, ASTM D6400 (USA).

These bags are large (17 into 17) and extra thick and are available as handle bags and rolls. 

These bags are around 20 microns thick. 

The rolls can fit in all standard-sized dispensers. 

4- Best for walks: Moonygreen Dog Poop Bag:

Mooneygreen bags are our second most favorite dog poop bags because of the cluster of good qualities these bags have. 

These bags are 9 into 13 inches that can easily accommodate the large mess of the large fella. 

We recommend this brand to take on walks because you won’t want a mess during your fun time and these bags will make your day. 

Here is the list of good quality features of these bags:

  • These are compostable poop bags
  • Extra-thick 
  • Leakproof
  • Fits in all standard-sized leash dispensers. 
  • unscented

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5- Best Leak Proof / Extra thick: Bags on Board Dog Poop Bags: (Best For Extra Large Dogs)

Bags on Board dog poop bags are the best extra thick dog poop bags for large dogs. But if you are a “green person”, you might not like them as they are made up of plastic. 

These bags are 2 times thicker than usual poop bags and this feature makes them suitable for extra large dogs. 

  • Easy to pull and use because of the dispensing box. 
  • Easy to tie and throw because of the handles. 
  • Extra strong
  • The thickness makes these bags able to lock in the odor. 
  • These bags also come as rolls so you can carry them on walks too. 
  • The rolls fit in all the standard-sized leash dispensers. 

Buy the Bags on Board Odor Control Dog Poop Bag rolls here. 

Bags On Board Dog Poop Bags are these best heavy-duty dog poop bags because they are extra thick and large. However, when you own an extra-large dog with an extra-heavy mess, it is always best to use a double layer to be on the safe side. The rolls of the same brand are also heavy-duty, extra-thick, and leak-proof so they are best while walking your huge dog.

What should be the qualities of a poop bag to make it suitable for large dogs?

A poop bag should have the following qualities to be suitable for large dogs. 

  • It should be large: obviously, the bag should be large because large dogs make large mess. And you wouldn’t want to go out of space when you are just picking it up to throw.
  • It should be extra thick: The larger the mess is, the heavier it is. A thin bag would just break open and you will end up with all the dirt on your feet and around.
  • Other qualities a good poop bag should have are:
    • Odor blocking
    • Easy to use
    • Easy to tie and throw
    • Compostable or biodegradable

How to manage to pick up the poop of an extra-large dog?

If you own an extra-large dog, it is best to use double bags instead of a single layer. 

Extra-large dogs make an extra heavy mess. Many brands claim that their bags are suitable for all sizes of dogs but there are still chances that the bag may just tear apart causing all the mess to be on your feet and around. 

So, to be on the safe side, you should just use two layers of extra thick bags for your extra-large dog. 

How to use a poop bag to pick up the mess?

A poop bag is a great tool to help you pick up the dog mess without touching it with your hands but you still need to be careful or use some extra tools to be on the safe side.

You can use the poop bag in 2 different ways. 

  • With hands: Cover your hand with the bag like you are wearing a glove and pick up the mess. When you are done picking it up, just remove it upside down so that all the mess goes inside the bag and your hands are free. Tie the bag and throw it.
  • With Pooper scooper: Just they way you covered your hand with the bag, cover the mouth of the scooper similarly. Pick up the mess with the jaw and remove the bag upside down. 

Find out the best pooper scooper with poop bag attachment here. 


The best poop bag for large dogs should be large and extra thick. It is best to double the layer if you are raising an extra-large dog.

Here’s the summary of all the best large dog poop bags listed above. 

Best Poop Bags For Large DogsBuy On Amazon
Best overall: Best Pet Supplies Dog Poop Bags Shop Now
Best Scented: Earth Rated Extra Large Poop Bags Shop Now
Best Compostable: Open premium Pet waste bags Shop Now
Best for walks: Moonygreen Dog Poop Bag Shop Now
Best Leak Proof / Extra thick: Bags on Board Dog Poop Bags:
(Best For Extra Large Dogs)
(Best Heavy duty)
Shop Now
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