5 Ways To Dispose Of Large Amounts Of Dog Poop? – (Without Smell)

One of the ugliest parts of having a dog is dealing with their potty problems. So many people ask us so many questions about cleaning up after their dogs. That includes questions about disposing of large amounts of dog poop. 

How to dispose of large amounts of dog poop? For disposing of large dog waste, you can set up a mini septic tank system (also called a doggy Dooley). It’s a mini tank that is fixed in the yard. You can simply throw the large dog waste there. Throw some waste terminator and water, according to the instructions and it will eat up the waste.

There are 5 best options to dispose of dog poop as a responsible citizen.

1- Tie in a poop bag and throw it in the garbage:

The most common way people use to dispose of their pet waste is to pack it in the dog poop bag and throw it into the garbage. 

You can do the same for your problem.

Usually, garbage trucks are okay with taking the dog stuff with them but it is best to confirm it with them.

Make sure, not to throw it in someone else’s garbage. As you wouldn’t want to get your job done at someone else’s expense. 

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2- Call the poop disposal service:

There are services that are specified to take care of the dog’s poo. You can book a visit with them and they will come and clean up your yard or whatever area you have to clean up.

They will take the trash with them too. 

Doodycalls is a good company in the USA that offers this service. Their prices start at around $12 per visit so it’s not a bad deal.

You can book a visit with them and ask them to take your stuff out. 

Until the “visit day,” you should tie the dog poop into the poop bag and throw it into odor-locking trash can like this petfusion portable pet waste station.

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3- Dog waste bins in the dog parks:

There are dedicated dog waste trash bins in the local dog-walking parks. You can throw your dog’s mess there, after packing it into the double layer of leak-proof and thick poop bags. 

This option is ideal when your big dog does the deed while walking in the park. 

But you can also carry it from home and throw it there if you want.

4- Bury it into the yard: (Not ideal)

Some people just bury the dog poop in their yard. However, this is not a great idea because dog waste contains many harmful bacteria and parasites which can cause illnesses in humans. 

Moreover, dog poop is not a fertilizer so it won’t help your plants grow. 

If it’s just one-time disposal, you can bury it but make sure that the hole is very deep and you are not planning to grow plants or grass in that area. 

5: Set up a mini septic tank system into the yard:

Burying the dog poop is not a great option but if you still want the soil to eat the mess, setting up a doggy Dooley system is a great option. 

You should not throw dog poop bags there. 

Especially, for large amounts of dog waste, this option is the best because:

  • You are not filling up the landfills
  • You have a waste disposal system at home
  • No need to carry or store the mess for the garbage day

Some quick tips (Important):

You must find one simple way to dispose of your dog’s waste, however, make sure to keep these points in mind. 

1- Never flush a large amount of dog poop into the toilet:

You should never flush the large amounts of dog waste in the toilet as it might clog your toilet. 

Flushing down is fine for small dogs’ waste. 

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2: Make sure to use heavy-duty poop bags:

When you are going to throw large amounts of dog waste, you must use heavy-duty dog poop bags. 

Simple or small bags won’t work for your problem. They may just tear apart or leak. 

Here’s the list of best dog poop bags for large dogs?

3- Use a double layer of the poop bags;

Even if you are using heavy-duty dog poop bags! Still, we recommend using a double layer to be on the safe side. 

Of course, you wouldn’t want to welcome all the waste on your feet while walking to the bin

4- Wear gloves even if you are not going to touch them:

The dog poop smell is so sticky. Even if you are not going to touch the mess, you should still, wear disposable gloves to save your hands from being smelly. 

It is also best to wash your hands with a good anti-bacterial soap right after (before touching anything else) or use a good anti-bacterial hand sanitizer. 

5- Clean the area with a good enzymatic cleaner:

After picking up the mess, you should clean the surface area with a suitable enzyme cleaner. 

Like after picking the feces from the garden or grass, Simple solution yard odor away cleaner will be great as it is specially made to be used on grass. 

Find out more enzyme cleaners here according to the surface types on which they can be used. 

6- Use a pooper scooper:

A pooper scooper is a great tool to help a person pick up the dog waste without touching it. Some scoopers are long enough that the person won’t even need to bend.

It’s a must-have tool for every dog owner.

A good, strong, and sturdy pooper scooper will be a great aid to help you pick up large dog waste easily without touching it.

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You cannot flush large amounts of dog poop down the toilet as it may clog your toilet. The best way is that either you should seal it in a double layer of heavy-duty dog poop bags and throw it into a suitable trashcan or put it into the doggy Dooley so that the waste terminator could eat it. 

By far, setting up the doggy dooley system is the best option for this purpose.

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