Do Dogs Naturally Potty Train? – (The Roll Of Mama Dog!)

Having a dog at home can be a great experience. An animal family member who brings so many joys for you; sounds good? Hunh? But there are many struggles new dog owners face. All the family members are excited, but who will be with him outside, training him to pee there instead of having potty accidents at home?

Or do dog dogs naturally potty train themselves? Just like a human child? Let’s talk.

Can a dog potty train itself?

An adult dog can hold his bladder for a long time (9+ hours), and he can also fix his potty spot. But he won’t understand that he can’t have a potty spot inside the house. 

By potty training a puppy, you are not training him to hold his bladder. Instead, you are teaching him manners. You are making him learn that he can’t wee inside. 

So a dog can naturally learn to hold his bladder for a long time, but he can’t train himself to choose a potty spot outdoors when there is no risk of someone stepping onto the piddle.

Urine marking is another thing. This is the biggest problem with dog owners, especially male dog parents. 

You must make your dog learn that the whole house is their “den” that they can’t soil, and you can only do it through a proper potty training process.  

Do mama dogs potty train their puppies?

Mama dogs teach their puppies a lot of things. They bring the awareness of “den”; they teach their kids not to soil their “den.” 

Mommy dog will growl at the puppy if he does something wrong; she will also clean up the puppy’s potty accidents. 

However, the human owner still has to pay his part. A dog may not fully potty train the puppies as per your requirement. 

Especially if the puppies are given away or sold at an early age, they will forget their early training.

However, puppies with potty-trained momma are easier to potty train than other pups. 

Can a dog be impossible to potty train?

No dog in the world is impossible to potty train except for a sick dog. Of course, some dogs are harder than others, but with the right strategy, patience and persistence, you can potty train any dog.

What are some hard dogs to potty train?

Some dog breeds are harder to potty train, just like dachshunds and pugs. Small breed dogs, hound dogs, toy breeds, puppy mills, or stay dogs can be harder to potty train. 

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Who should potty train a puppy?

The person who is the primary owner of the puppy should potty train him. It is best to start potty training when you have some bonding with the puppy so that he listens to the person and wants to please him. 

Can I hire someone to potty train my puppy? 

You can hire someone to help you potty train your puppy. You can send your puppy to a professional dog trainer who will teach your little canine the basic skills. 

However, potty training is a 24/7 process, and someone who will be with the puppy all day long should know how to train him. The professional trainer cannot do this all the time. 

So eventually, the primary dog owner will train him to use the toilet correctly. 

So the best thing is to study “how to potty train a puppy” and implement the strategy by yourself. You can also seek help from a professional trainer to teach you how to do it. But understand that you will have to do it eventually. 

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When should we start potty training a puppy?

You should start potty training a puppy when he is around 12-16 weeks old. At this time, the puppy must have some bladder control to start learning to hold it and relieve where he is allowed to do. 

Before that, you must set good potty habits by frequently taking him to the potty spot and keeping his area neat, clean, and odor free. 

Use an enzyme cleaner to clean the area where your puppy spends time, so he develops a habit of living in a clean space and takes the whole house as a “den.” 

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If you’ve got the puppy after this age (week 16), create a bond with your puppy and start training him to use the toilet properly immediately. 

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How late is too late to potty train a puppy?

It is never too late to potty train a puppy. Of course, a puppy can become harder to potty train if you start it late (for example, after he is one year old), but it’s not impossible at all. 

Dogs have a weak memory. As a result, they can easily forget their old habits. So by using the right practices and being consistent, you can potty train your puppy easily.

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Dogs can’t naturally potty train according to your requirements. They might fix their potty spot but don’t understand that they can’t choose a spot in the house. If you want them to relieve in the area of your choice, you need to potty train them. 

Some dog breeds are harder to potty train, and some are comparatively easier. But no dog is impossible to potty train (except for a sick dog).

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