How To Deal With Dog Poop In An Apartment? – (Smell Free)

Apartment living is ideal for a small family. But some things might need a different and more complex arrangement, just like taking care of a dog’s toilet routine. Dealing with dog poop in apartments should not be a headache if you know how to manage the stuff. 

Considering the dog breed size and his personal habits and traits is important as it will help you decide what and how to arrange for him. 

A responsible dog owner would make the decision wisely. He won’t harm the environment or cause disturbance for other people. 

How to deal with dog poop in an apartment? Most apartment dogs poop on a puppy pad, but if your dog poops one or two times a day, you can train him to do this while walking. If your furry friend is small, his mess can be flushed down into the toilet with or without a flushable dog poop bag but if the dog is large, his large mess can be thrown into the mini waste disposal system or in the basement trashcan (if allowed). 

Where do dogs poop in apartments?

It is usually recommended to train your dog to go outside, but practically it is not possible for apartment dog owners as they cannot just come and go outside multiple times a day just for their dogs’ toilet needs. 

There are 2 perfect options for apartment dogs.

1- On the Puppy pads:

This option is best for super-pooper dogs who do the deed multiple times a day. Puppy pads are great for them.
You can also opt-in for real grass dog pads that are regularly delivered by the company.

Doggy lawn is our favorite, as they provide the best service ever. 

  • You can choose the size of the patch accoridng to your dog size.
  • You can choose the regular delivery timings. 
  • They give free delivery to subscribers.
  • Free training kit, Poop bags, and 2 free months of telehealth access for free. (from AskVet)

2- While on a walk:

Large dogs usually poop once or twice a day as they have more space in their body and they have more bladder strength to control it.
So if you know your dog’s pooping habits, you can simply train him to do the deed on the walk or just adjust the walk timings according to your dog’s schedule. 

The key is knowing your dog’s schedule.

Where do dogs poop in apartments? If an apartment dog poops once or twice a day, he can be trained to go while on walks. The other best option is Puppy pads (or grass pads). Train the dog to poop on the pad that should be placed around the balcony. You can then pick it up from there and dispose of it according to your settings. 

how to get rid of dog poop in an apartment?

Disposing of the dog poop while you live in a high-rise apartment can be a challenge. You will have to deal with the smell along with the mess. 

But still, there are manageable ways to get rid of it. 

1- Flush it into the toilet:

The best way to get rid of dog poop is by flushing it down into the toilet however, the large mess can clog the toilet. So it is more harm than good. 

Flushing is suitable for small or medium dog messes. Make sure that the mess has normal consistency.

Hard feces can still clog the toilet even in small amounts. 

You can also use a flushable dog poop bag and pooper scooper to pick up the mess without touching it and throw it into the toilet. It will also save the house from being smelly. 

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2: Set up a mini waste disposal system:

For large dogs, when flushing is not possible, setting up a mini pet waste disposal system in the balcony or a spare area is a good idea. 

You need a large bucket or trashcan, a doggy Dooley and the waste terminator. Fill the bucket with some soil (leaving the space for the Dooley) and install the doggy Dooley in it. And cover the bucket. 

When the dog poops, throw it down the Dooley and cover it with the lid. Put some waste terminator in according to the instruction given by the waste terminator company. 

Make sure that:

  • It’s best to cover the inside of the trashcan before putting the soil into it. 
    • It will improve the life of the trashcan.
    • It will help keep the smell away.
    • It will be easier to clean up the trashcan, if you would want to do it. 
  • The bucket is placed in the balcony with a plastic sheet cover on it. 
  • Do not use plastic dog poop bag, the terminator will not eat the poop then. You should throw the mess without the bag.

This system is ideal to use in a yard (in the real ground) but it should work in the trashcan too. But don’t expect the results to be excellent. 

It should work great if you have a medium-sized dog with you. 

3- Throw in the basement trashcan (if allowed):

Some people pack their dog’s mess in a bag and throw it in the trashcan available in the building basement, It is also a good idea. 

Use good quality, leakproof and thick poop bags to reduce the smell of the feces. 

Make sure to check with your building rules and regulations before throwing the dog poop in the trashcan. 

Also, check with state laws!

4- Call the poop disposal services: 

Another great option is waiting for the poop disposal service. 

You will need a trashcan that locks in the smell. Just like this one PetFusion Portable Outdoor Pet Waste Disposal (Buy On Amazon).

Keep the trashcan in the balcony and whenever your dog does the deed, just pick it up with a pooper scooper and a poop bag, tie the bag and throw the it in the trashcan. Once a week or as per your requirement, call the dog poop disposal service to take care of the stuff. 

Doodycalls is a good company that offers this service in many states of America. Their prices start at $12 per visit. 

You can also ask your trash disposal service if they can take “that stuff” along with the regular garbage. 

  • The trashcan should be dedicated for the dog poop.
  • Make sure to tie the mess in the poop bag for extra smell-protection. 
  • Use good quality dog poop bags. 

How to get rid of dog poop in an apartment? If the dog poop is small in quantity, you can flush it down into the toilet but the large mess can clog it. You can either pack it in a dog poop bag and throw it in the trashcan (or sealed trashcan) or set up a mini waste pet waste disposal system at home. Calling the dog poop disposal service is also a great option. 

What supplies do you need to dispose of dog poop in the apartment?

You must have good quality and suitable supplies in hand to make the process easier. 

1- If you are going to flush the feces:

  • A pooper Scooper
  • Flushable dog poop bags (optional)

2- If you are setting up mini septic tank system:

  • Large trashcan
  • Doogy Dooley
  • Waste terminator

3- If you are going to throw it in the basement trashcan:

  • Good quality dog poop bags

4- If you are going to call the poop disposal service:

  • Dog waste station (trashcan that locks in the smell)
  • Dog poop bags
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Quick tips:

  • Large dogs poop should go into the trashcan or doggy Dooley and should not be flushed down, it may clog the toilet. 
  • Small to medium dog poop can be flushed either with or without the flushable dog poop bag. 
  • Apartment dogs should also be potty bell trained. 
  • Instead of letting your dog go on random places, you must set up a proper area on the balcony
  • Pick up the stuff immediately to save your house from smell. 
  • Use an air purifier to keep the air clean and fresh. 
  • Have good quality supplies and enzyme cleaner to clean up after your dog. 

Is it illegal to throw dog poop in the public trash?

It is advised to check with your local laws if they allow you to throw the dog poop in the trashcan. But it is best not to!

You can throw the dog’s mess by any of the above means or find any dedicated dog trashcans in public dog parks. 

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What do you do with dog poop in the apartment? Dogs usually poop on puppy pads in apartments. You can flush the mess down the toilet if your pet waste is smaller in size but for large waste, you can set up a septic tank system, throw it in the building basement trashcan or wait for the garbage service to throw it. Calling a dog waste disposal service is also an option. 

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