Are Goldendoodles Easy To Potty Train? – (What You Should Know)

Goldendoodle, a mixed breed of poodles and golden retrievers, is quickly becoming a popular dog breed worldwide, and that’s for a reason. This dog breed has taken all the good qualities of its ancestors, which makes it an excellent family dog. There is a lot to learn about Goldendoodles, but we will discuss whether Goldendoodles are easy to potty train or hard?

Are Goldendoodles easy to potty train?

are goldendoodles easy to potty train

Goldendoodles are typically very easy to potty train as compared to other dogs. The large size, intelligence, and obedience play an essential role in his excellent trainability level. However, your Goldendoodle won’t potty train himself; you still have to put in the work and be consistent with the training. 

What makes Goldendoodles easy to potty train?

Here’s why your Goldendoodle will be easy to potty train:

1- Intelligence:

Goldendoodles are brilliant dogs. Dogtime gives a five-star rating to their intelligence. A Goldendoodle can quickly understand the process, and because of being willing to please the owner, he will follow the commands. 

2- Obedience:

Goldendoodles are highly trainable dogs. They respond well to positive reinforcement. Give them a treat for doing a good job, and they will follow the commands.

3- Large size:

Typically, large-sized dogs are easier to potty train than small dogs. This is because their bladder muscles are strong, and they have more room in their body to store water and food.

Large dogs need fewer toilet breaks, so it is easy for the trainer to take them to the toilet in time. 

4- Good traits from ancestors:

Goldendoodle is a mix of golden retrievers and poodles. Both breeds are on our list of “easiest dogs to potty train.” Being a baby of these dog breeds, golden doodles are easy to potty train. 

Can Goldendoodles be hard to potty train?

Goldendoodles are usually not hard to potty train, but a few things can make the process harder.

  • If the trainer does not know the proper potty training process, it will be harder for him. 
  • Goldendoodles are not very adaptive to harsh weather, so they will have a hard time when it’s too cold or warm outside.
  • You need to start potty training early; otherwise, it will be hard. 
  • If the puppy/dog is sick, he will be hard to potty train. 

When should you start potty training a Goldendoodle puppy?

Goldendoodles puppies belong to a large dog breed, so you can start potty training when they are between 11-12 weeks old. By this age, they should be able to hold their bladder to some extent and understand the commands. 

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How to potty train a Goldendoodle puppy?

Gather all your supplies before starting to potty train. Your puppy should be leash trained. Fix a schedule for him and notice when how often he needs a toilet break. 

You must confine your puppy to a place where the floor is easier to clean. Your puppy will typically need a toilet break at these times:

  • Right after he wakes up
  • 5-30 minutes after eating or drinking
  • Immediately after a play session
  • Right before bed
  • Every 3 hours, if he is 12 weeks old. 

Every time your little Goldendoodle needs to go to the toilet put him on the leash and take him to the potty spot. 

Say your fixed potty command, like “go potty,” and reward your puppy with a treat when he does the job. 

The key is avoiding potty accidents in the wrong place. You must take your puppy out when it’s time. 

Still, if your Goldendoodle pees in the house, you should not yell at him. Instead, clean up the mess immediately with an enzyme cleaner and 

This was just a summary; you will find the complete step-by-step potty training process here. 

goldendoodle potty training

How long does it take to housetrain a Goldendoodle?

With the proper potty training method and consistency, It will take around 4 months for your Goldendoodle to be potty trained, so your puppy should go to the outlet on his own by the time he is 7-8 months old. 

However, every puppy is different. If, after the above-mentioned time, your Goldendoodle has accidents at home, it is a sign that he is still not potty trained. So, continue for a couple more weeks. 

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Potty training Supplies that are best suited for a Goldendoodle:

Here are all the essential supplies that are best suited for Goldendoodles. 

1- A planner or tracker:

You would love to speed up your puppy’s potty training by being more organized and tracking everything. Writing down the puppy’s schedule and related important things and tracking everything is so important. 

You can use this printable planner to write down and track your puppy’s potty training. 

2- A large crate:

You need a crate that is just the right size for your Goldendoodle. A good crate should be enough for the puppy or dog to sit, stand and turn around. A bigger crate will increase the chances of potty accidents in the crate because your puppy will find a potty spot anywhere around. 

You might need to change the crate as your puppy grows but consider it the best investment for your puppy’s potty training. 

3- A leash:

You should keep your puppy on a leash when he is out for the potty break. So that you can keep him in place when he is distracted. 

4- Pack of treats:

Treats work best to motivate the dogs to perform better in their training. Keep a handful of training treats in your pocket. 

5- Enzyme Cleaner and a roll of paper towel:

Potty accidents are quite normal until your puppy is fully potty trained. An enzyme cleaner and a roll of paper towels should always be around so you can grab them immediately when you need them and perfectly clean the space, 

6- Poop bags and a pooper scooper:

A pooper scooper and some poop bags make it easy (and less disgusting) for you to pick up the dog poop and throw it without touching it and without bending over. 


Goldendoodles are quite easy to potty train as compared to other dogs. They are intelligent and highly affectionate. However, they won’t potty train themselves; you need to put in the work and train them. This whole website is dedicated to a puppy’s potty training, so go ahead and read as much free information as you want. Here’s the complete guide to a puppy’s potty training.

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