How To Make Homemade Enzyme Cleaner For Dog Urine That Works!

Potty training a puppy is a procedure that is months long. You can’t confine your dog 100% of that time. 

So, you let him in after he is almost 90% trained to go potty on the right spot? But there are still chances that he will have an accident in the house and you will have to clean up the mess. 

For cleaning purposes, enzyme cleaners are used to beat the foul smell of dog urine from the root. Although we recommend using commercial enzyme cleaners that are made by experts.

Because homemade cleaner may not work for old urine stains and odor. But if you are looking for a recipe for making it at home, here it is:

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Homemade Enzyme Cleaner For Dog Urine:

Here is the recipe that uses vinegar as the main ingredient, because urine has ammonia which is alkaline and the vinegar is acidic, so it has the power to neutralize it. 

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Ingredients and supplies required

  1. 1 cup of distilled white vinegar (Buy on Amazon)
  2. 2 tsp of baking soda (NOT baking powder) (Buy on Amazon)
  3. 1 cup of water (normal to warm)
  4. Paper towels (Buy on Amazon)
  5. Disposable gloves (Buy on Amazon)
  6. 3% hydrogen peroxide (optional) (Buy on Amazon)
  7. A few drops of lemon essential oil (optional) (Buy on Amazon)
  8. Empty spray bottle (Buy on Amazon)
  9. Funnel (Buy on Amazon)
  10. UV Flashlight (Buy on Amazon)


1- Take the empty spray bottle and add 50% vinegar and 50% water to it (using the funnel). And shake well.

2- Add 2 tsp baking soda to it. And shake

3- Alternatively, you can skip adding baking soda in the mixture and sprinkle it later on while treating the problematic area.

4- You can add a small quantity of 3% hydrogen peroxide to improve the effectiveness. 

5- If you will add a few drops of lemon essential oil, it will give some extra aroma that will be great.

6- Your homemade enzyme cleaner is ready.

Procedure of cleaning with the homemade enzyme cleaner for dog urine:

1- Cover the area of the mess with a thick layer of paper towel immediately.

2- Absorb as much urine as you can in the paper towel.

3- If the area is carpeted, do not put force on the paper towel, otherwise the urine will go deep down into the roots.

4- Spray the area of the mess generously, and cover double the area so you don’t miss any spot. 

5- Let it sit for 5-10 minutes 

6- Blot the area with a clean paper towel again.

7- Absorb excess liquid and let the area dry out naturally. 

8- if you have not added baking soda in the spray, then sprinkle it on the area now and let it sit overnight. (if the area is carpeted, you can add some water with baking soda so it could reach the roots of the carpet.)

9- Vacuum the area completely.

10- Check with a UV flashlight if there is any mess left. 

Tips for using homemade enzyme cleaner:

Here are a few tips that must be helpful:

1- Always make sure to label the spray bottle:

Labeling will help you to identify the bottle. It is best to be on the safe side.

2- Don’t heat up the stain:

Heating will cause the stain and odor to set there permanently. Using hot water is also not recommended.

3- Treat as early as possible:

You must not delay cleaning the area, as the homemade cleaner might not be effective for older stains and odor.

4- Use UV light to check after treatment:

When you are done with the treatment, it is best to check the area with a UV flashlight to make sure that there is no stain left. 

A slight odor will push the dog to go there again.

5- Always check a small area before treatment:

When you are planning to use homemade cleaner, it’s best to check on small and hidden areas to know how it works for the surface. 

6- Never use bleach:

Bleach might be effective for removing the stains but it is toxic for animals and even humans. 

Your puppy may lick it and it can have effects on his health

7- Figure out the reason of the accident:

Why did he get a chance of doing the deed in the middle of the house? What is going on?

You were not able to stick to his schedule?

Does he have a blockage on his way to the potty? 

Find out the reason and beat it.

Drawbacks of using homemade enzyme cleaners

1- May not work for old stains and odor:

Homemade enzyme cleaner for dog urine may not work for old stains and odor. It’s fine for the fresh mess. 

You will have to get a commercial enzyme cleaner for that purpose. 

2- Chances of discoloration:

There are good chances of surface discoloration if vinegar is not used properly. 

If you are no expert, we suggest you buy a commercial product. It’s not that pricy.

3- Efforts: 

You will have to put in efforts to make the cleaner while the commercial cleaners are not so expensive.

So, why not order one!

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Home remedies to beat the dog urine smell

When there is a dog urine smell in your home, you can use these remedies:

1- Baking soda sprinkle

Find out the problematic area with a UV light and sprinkle baking soda on it. ¼ to ½ cup should do. 

Let it sit overnight and vacuum it in the morning. 

2- Corn scratch

Cornstarch may also work like baking soda. You can use it in a similar way.

3- Lemon

The lemon juice aroma suppresses the unpleasant smell of urine. It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Mix 2 parts of lemon juice with 1 part of water. You can add some baking soda too.

Spray the area with the mixture, let it sit for 10 minutes, and clean up.

But it also carries the risk of discoloration. 

4- Use air purifier

If the whole house smells like dog urine, you can use an air purifier to beat that smell.

Alternate recipe for homemade enzyme cleaner (not tested by us):


Ingredients and supplies required

1- 2 and a half Cups lemon, lime, and orange peel

2- 1/2 Cup Brown Sugar

3- 1 TSP Yeast

4- 4 Cups Water

Procedure to make:

Mix all the ingredients in a bottle and shake well. It can create gas, so it is best to keep the lid a little bit loose. 

Let it sit for at least 2 weeks. 


1- Clean the area with a paper towel.

2- Spray the mixture on it.

3- Let it sit for 10-20 minutes

4- Clean up after that

5- let it dry naturally.


To prepare homemade enzyme cleaner for dog urine, Take 50% distilled white vinegar and 50% water in a spray bottle. Add 2tsp baking soda to it and shake well. Your cleaner is ready. But remember, it may not work on old stains and odor. Clean the excess mess, spray this liquid, let it sit for 20 minutes, and clean up. Let it dry naturally. It’s best to check with a UV flashlight after treating the area.

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