How Do Puppy Pads Work? – (Best Options Out There)

Dog owners work their best to train their dogs to behave perfectly. But sometimes there are limitations. A wise person would find out a solution instead of just saying “oh! This is not possible”. While house training puppies and dogs, the use of puppy pads becomes inevitable. But what are puppy pads, how do puppy pads work, when you should opt-in for them and what are the best options in the market. 

In this article, I’m going to share a few things about using puppy pads. 

What are puppy pads and how do they work?

A puppy pad is a square or a rectangle sheet made up of absorbent material which is used to train the dog to go to the toilet on a specific spot. 

You can also call them potty pads, training pads, or wee-wee pads.

How do puppy pads work? Puppy pads work by providing the dog/puppy a specific spot where they could pee and poop. But they won’t just magically know that “this is the place”. The dog owner must train the dog to use them by following the specific training method. Some pee pads have a specific smell that the dog would pee on but the need for training is still there. 

Do puppy pee pads really work?

There is never a magic product that will just hold on your puppy’s leash and get him to the potty in the right spot. 

The real success depends upon the trainer and if he is following the right approach.

So puppy pads will really work if the person who is training the dog to use them follows the right method. The trainer must make the dog understand the difference between the potty spot and the other areas of the house. If he is doing it right, the pads will definitely work. 

Types of puppy pads:

All the puppy pads are not the same. There are different kinds available in the market. You can choose what suits you. 4 main types of puppy pads are

  • Disposable (absorbent) puppy pads: You will use these pads one time and then dispose them of. 
  • Washable or reusable puppy pads: After using these one time, you can simply wash them using an enzyme cleaner. 
  • Synthetic or artificial grass pads: They look like grass and often come with a tray. You will have to change the pads (replacement pads are available. 
  • Real grass patches: Some companies deliver a fresh grass patch time-to-time, according to your own requirement. 

When can you use puppy pads?

The best way to potty train a puppy is to train him to go outside, but sometimes use of puppy pads becomes inevitable. 

Do pee pads work for older dogs?

Pee pads also work great for older dogs. Even if they are trained to go outside. 

However, let me mention it again. A puppy pad would work or not, it depends upon the person who is training the dog. 

How do you train a puppy to pee on pads?

Get good quality puppy pads for your puppy and place them on a fixed spot. 

Make sure to choose one spot only to avoid confusion for your dog. 

Every time your puppy needs to go, take him there. And then!


You know what! I would rather point you to the complete step-by-step guide about “how to potty train a puppy on pads?”

You will find all the details there. 

Best puppy pee pads options out there!

Below are the puppy pads that are the best of their kind.

1- Best disposable – Amazon Basics Dogs & Puppy Pads: 

Amazon basics disposable puppy pads are by far the best disposable pads. These are constructed using 5 layers which make them super absorbent.

You can choose from regular to giant-sized. 

5 options are available: 

  • Heavy-duty
  • Standard
  • Odor control
  • Carbon

Frisco dog training pads are also a great option to use for your dogs. (Buy Frisco Training Pads on Chewy)

2- Best sticky pee pads – Bulldogology Puppy Pee Pads with Adhesive Sticky Tape:

Bulldogology pee pads are large premium pads that come with adhesive tape on all corners. 

They are made up to control the odor and have a built-in attractant for dogs to pee on them. 

Remember that you will still have to train your dog. 

Find out more: The 3 best puppy pads with attractant?

3- Best reusable/washable – SincoPet Reusable Pee Pad:

Sinco pets reusable pads are made up of polyester and contain an anti-slip silica gel bottom. So they do not move when your dog is doing the deed. 

These super absorbent pads are long-lasting. 

You can wash them every day or after 20-30 uses. It’s up to you. 

Buy Simple Solution Washable Dog Training & Travel Pad on Chewy.

4- Best synthetic grass pads: PETMAKER Artificial Grass Puppy Pad Collection:

Synthetic grass pads are not an excellent choice to make but out of all the synthetic grass pads, petmaker’s pads are better. 

The system has 3 layers. 

  • Upper layer of synthetic grass or turf
  • Plastic drainage sheet in the middle
  • And a tray on the bottom. 

You can wash all three layers whenever you want. 

There are replacement pads also available in case you want to change the above layer. 

Buy Frisco Indoor Grass Potty pads and replacement pads on chewy.

5- Best real grass pads: doggielawn real grass patch subscription:

This is the best option out there. 

You can subscribe for doggielawn real grass patches and the company will deliver your order according to your own chosen size and delivery time. 

This option is best because:

  • Your dog won’t have problem weeing outside.
  • He will be able to differentiate between the household stuff and the pee spot.
  • Its natural (biodegradable)
  • Company delivers for free
  • There are other products too that you can add into your order. 
  • Plastic tray available to fit in your grass pad. 

Buy your doggielawn real grass patches now.

6- Best odor eliminating dog pads: Hartz Home Protection Odor Eliminating Dog Pads:

Hartz pee pads are known for their odor-eliminating feature and their lavender scent. 

Its superior 6-layers protection makes it absorbent to be used within the house. 

A quick tip: Always use a pee pad holder to place the pee pad to be on the safe side and save yourself from those extra cleanups. 

Buy Hartz Home Protection Odor Eliminating Lavender Scent Dog Pads on Chewy.

BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning Wi-Fi & App Controlled Automatic Potty Pad

If you haven’t heard about this, there is an automatic self-cleaning puppy potty pad available on chewy that you can connect with your mobile app.

You can change the pad without touching the mess, just by pressing the button.

but the negative point is that it is only suitable for dogs under 25 pounds weight.


How do puppy pads work? Puppy pads provide the dogs a specific place within the house where they could go toilet without going outside the house. However, it depends upon the trainer if the pads would be a good idea or a bad idea. 

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