How Many Puppy Pads Should I Put Down? – (Where To Put Them?)

Using puppy pads to potty train your little dog can be good or bad; it depends upon how you train your dog to use them. So if you choose to train your puppy to use pads, you must learn first to avoid messing up with the training. In this article, I’ll guide you about how many puppy pads you should put down for your puppy and where?

How many puppy pads should I put down?

In the beginning, you need to place at least four puppy pads side by side to make a large square (or rectangle) to give your puppy enough area to start learning. Then, you can gradually reduce the number of pads to train your dog to eliminate in a specific area. 

However, the number of puppy pads also depends upon the dog’s size. Smaller breed puppies need a smaller area, while large breed puppies need a large pad area. 

Whatever you choose, consistency is way too important in any dog training. 

Let’s be specific:

How many puppy pads should I put down at night?

You would want to use the same number of pads at night. For example, if you use four pads in the daytime, place the same number (4) at night so your little dog is not confused. 

How many puppy pads should I put down for small breed puppies?

For a small breed puppy (who is extra small), 1-2 large-sized puppy pads should be enough. Make sure to bring the puppy to the middle of the covered area so that there are no chances of leakage. 

You can gradually reduce the number of pads and then the size of the puppy pads. Once your puppy is fully potty trained, you can put down one puppy pad according to its size. 

How many puppy pads should I put down for large breed puppies?

For large breed puppies, you should use at least 4 large-sized pads in the beginning. As your puppy learns to pee or poop in one place, gradually reduce the number of pads until it becomes only one. For large breed dogs, you should choose extra large puppy pads. 

Where should I put the puppy pads?

The best place to put the puppy pads is where you are confining him. I always recommend people to confine the puppy to an area until he is fully potty trained and knows what is expected from him inside the house. 

You should prefer an area with a tiled floor that is easy to clean up. Fix one spot in that area to place the puppy pads. 

Cover the puppy pads with a playpen, so your puppy is not able to move away from the pads while urinating. This way, they will become comfortable using puppy pads. 

The corners of the puppy pads should be a few inches out from the playpen, so there is no risk of leakage. 

Where should I put the puppy pads at night?

Place the puppy pads in the same area at night where you put them in the morning. If you’ve read my tips for successful puppy pee pad training, you would know that I recommend fixing only one spot for the puppy pad instead of spreading them around the house. This will reduce the negative effects of pee pad training like peeing on other soft things in the house. 

Want to get more useful information about using puppy pads?

You will find these resources really helpful if you are potty training your puppy using pads:

What kind of puppy pads works best for the puppy?

While choosing the right puppy pads that stay in a place; you must consider these things:

  • Adhesive corners: Some pads are available with adhesive corners that stick to the ground. You can use these pads on any floor without the fear of your dog being slipped. Moreover, sticky pads are good if you are worried that your pup will start chewing the pads.

  • Extra large size: While training the puppies, you should use extra-large pads no matter what size your puppy is. Extra-large pads will give your canine more room to learn to eliminate on the pad. Once your canine is fully potty trained, you can switch to a suitable size of pads.

  • Attractant: Some training pads have a built-in attractant that is said to attract dogs to pee on the pad. These pads will help you in your potty training.

  • Charcoal / Activated carbon: Activated carbon in puppy pads will help in neutralizing the dog’s urine odor. So it will save your house from being stinky. 

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The best puppy pad for all dogs and puppies:

Considering all the factors above, I recommend Glad for Pets Black Charcoal Puppy Pads. Choose the jumbo size. These pads have charcoal, adhesive tape, and a built-in attractant that will help in potty training.

But when you choose glad for pets pads, make sure to get a stock of them. Unlike other puppy pads (that are white), these pads are gray in color. 

Enforcing consistency in whatever you do for training your puppy, I recommend using that same type of puppy pads for your puppy or dog, and that includes the color. 

Do not change brand over the brand. Otherwise, your puppy or dog will become confused.


When you are potty training your puppy, you must keep track of everything, especially your puppy’s schedule. Being consistent and organized is way too important. You can use this printable tracker to plan and track everything.


You should put down 4 large puppy pads side by side and make a large square or rectangle so that your puppy gets enough covered area to eliminate it. He will become comfortable using these puppy pads with time and start going on one spot. Then you can gradually reduce the number of pads so that your puppy can use only one pad. 

Get a pee pad holder to be more preventive.

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