7 Facts About Small Dog’s Pooping Routine – (When To Worry?)

Small dogs’ routines and habits differ from large dogs because their bodies are different. They are usually more active, eat and go to the toilet more times as compared to the large dogs. Let’s talk about small dogs: do small dogs poop every day? How often do small dogs poop? How long after eating do small dogs poop?

Do small dogs poop every day?

Not only small dogs but large dogs also usually poop every day. Most large dogs poop once or twice a day, and commonly, every dog will stick to one schedule. 

Pooping every day is normal, but your dog may go without pooping once in a while. This is fine as long as your dog looks comfortable. 

How many times do small dogs poop? 

Small dogs usually poop 2-6 times a day, and sometimes even more. This is because of their small body, faster metabolism, and more frequent eating. However, if a small dog sticks to one constant schedule (whether it’s pooping once a day or 10 times a day) and the poop looks normal, there is no need to worry. 

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How long after eating do small dogs poop?

Most dogs poop after 5-30 minutes of eating, regardless of the size. Small dogs poop quickly, say within 5-10 minutes. 

This poop is not the product of the most recent meal. This is the product of the previous meal that has been digested and reached the bowel. 

When the dog eats, the food needs more space in the bowel, and this requirement causes a bowel movement mainly to empty that space.

Small dogs have a small body and faster metabolism, so as they eat, they need to empty the bowel quite quickly, and this causes them to poop within a few minutes. 

How long after eating do small dogs poop? Small dogs poop after 5-15 minutes of eating, and this poop is the product of the previous meal that has been digested. The dog eats, and the new meal needs more space in the bowel, so it triggers a bowel movement to empty the space. The time taken also depends upon the activity level of the dog and the amount of moisture and fiber content in the dog food. 

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What to do if a small dog does not poop for more than a day?

Usually, healthy small dogs poop more than once a day (sometimes many times a day), but once in a while, a dog may go without pooping for more than a day.

But you should check for these things to make sure that your dog is doing fine.

1- Does the dog look comfortable?

If there is a problem, your dog will look uncomfortable and restless. You will find him squatting and trying to poop. If he is fully potty trained, you will notice that he moves to the potty spot more often but does nothing. 

These are the signs that your dog is constipated, and you should take him to the vet.

2- What was the consistency of the last poop?

Do you remember what how his last poop looked like? Was it too hard? Were there any lumps? Was your dog uncomfortable during pooping? 

If so, it can be a sign that your dog is constipated. 

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3- Check that the dog food contains enough moisture and fiber:

You need to check that the dog food he is eating contains enough moisture content and fiber. Because these two things are very important to keep the dog’s bowel health good.

Healthy dog food should contain at least 2-5% fiber. 

Semi-moist dog food should have at least 25-30% moisture. 

You can check this information on the dog food packaging. 

But if your dog is eating a home-cooked meal, try to add more fiber-rich ingredients to his food like pumpkin, lettuce, apples, and carrots, etc. 

4- Is your dog drinking enough water?

A dog should drink at least one ounce of water for every pound of his weight. Make sure that your dog is drinking enough.

5- What is the activity level of a dog?

All dogs require some level of daily exercise. You need to understand your dog’s breed requirements. 

It is your responsibility to provide him with enough exercise that keeps his body functioning healthily. 

If you think your dog is constipated, it is best to visit his vet. Before trying any supplements or home remedies, contact your dog’s vet.

How long can a small dog go without pooping?

Small dogs poop multiple times a day, but occasionally, they can go without pooping for 24-48 hours maximum. More than this can be a sign of constipation. 

But during these 24-48 hours, you should still notice if your dog looks restless or in pain? If so, you should rule out constipation and solve his problem. 

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What if your small dog is suddenly pooping a lot?

Alternatively, if your small dog is suddenly pooping a lot, you need to check  

  • what his pooping routine was in the previous days? Did he poop fewer times than usual? If so, then he might be just emptying his bowel. 
  • What does his poop look like? Is it normal? Is it like diarrhea poop?
  • Is your dog looking lethargic or weak? 

If your dog looks fine and the poop looks normal, then just give it some time (A day or two), and he will get back to his regular schedule. 

Still, if you are concerned, talk to the vet and make sure that everything is okay. 

Can you flush down the small dog poop?

It is usually no harm in flushing the small dog poop into the toilet. Because small dog poops small and there are very few chances that it will clog the toilet. 

However, if the dog is constipated and the poop is hard, you can opt-in to throw the poop into the garbage after packing it into a non-leaking, sealed poop bag. 

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The truth behind flushable dog poop bags!


Usually, small dogs poop multiple times a day. The normal time is 5-15 minutes after eating. Sometimes a small dog may go without pooping for more than a day, and sometimes, he may poop several times a day. as long as he looks comfortable and his poop looks fine, there is no need to worry about it. Still, if you are concerned, you should check with the vet.

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