How To Get A Male Dog To Pee All At Once? – (& Why He Doesn’t?)

This is common with puppies. They are so small and often they cannot empty their bladder fully at a time. They just don’t know how to do it. 

But for a surprise, male dogs are also like them. They don’t completely empty their bladder. There are multiple possible reasons. And a few solutions. 

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Why Don’t Dogs Pee All At Once?

Most male dogs (including some female dogs don’t pee all at once)

1- They Save Some To Urine Mark:

This is the number 1, most common, and most obvious reason. 

Seems like urine marking is much more important for dogs instead of fully emptying their bladder. 

Now, why do dogs mark with their urine? Because they want to mark their territory. This is a dog style of writing the name on something. 

They save some urine, so when they encounter a new object or a new dog, they could mark a new thing.

Here’s how you can reduce/stop urine marking?

2- They Forget:

Another possible, but less common, factor is; dogs forget so quickly. 

He might get distracted by anything around and didn’t completely empty his bladder. 

3- Medical Condition:

A rare possibility is that he might be suffering from any medical condition like UTI.

When suffering from a urinary tract infection, dogs are not able to fully empty their bladder, despite trying. They pee in small amounts, multiple times. 

What Happens If Your Dog Doesn’t Pee All At Once?

Usually, dogs save their urine to mark during a walk but these things can also happen too if they don’t get a chance during the walk. 

  • He might have a potty/pee accident after coming back home. 
  • He may feel the urge to go again in a while, so you will have to take him again.
  • He may mark things inside. 

How To Get A Dog To Pee All At Once?

Unfortunately, you cannot stop this behavior completely. Even you should not want to completely eliminate it because dogs are naturally coded to mark. 

But there are a few things you can do to reduce the chances of not completely emptying the bladder. 

1- Always Have One Command:

Whatever command you chose, just fix it. 

Like “go potty”, or something like that. Your dog will associate that one word with peeing and will go.

A person was telling us on a forum, (can’t remember which forum was that), that whenever his dog peed inside, he said “uh oh” and his dog started associating that word with peeing.

Turned out that the dog started using that “uh oh” as a pee command and relieved himself when that person said, “uh oh”.

So you can also fix one command. 

When he is peeing outside, say that command. 

If you find him being distracted, say that again.

2- Give Him Another Chance:

When he has done the deed one time, it is best to give him another chance to go again. 

After a couple of minutes of going once, ask your dog to “go potty” again. 

If there is any left, he might go. 

3- Beat Distractions:

Dogs get distracted so easily. It can be a car passing by or just a leaf moving a bit. 

They get distracted and do not completely empty their bladder. 

So, when he is doing the deed, keep reminding him with your fixed command about what he is doing. 

4- Relax, Don’t Rush:

When he is doing the deed, don’t be in a rush.

Stay patient and relaxed. If you will be in a hurry, he might pick it up and want to go with you as soon as possible. 

5- Let Him Save Some Urine On First Pee Break On A Walk:

When you are out for a walk, don’t try to make him pee all at once on the first pee break. 

Try to understand him too. He needs to do this because it’s his nature. Don’t push him against his nature. 

When you are going back home, take him to the potty spot (when he knows that the walk is now over).

Now try to make him pee all at once by giving him another chance and not letting him be distracted. 

When you know that he has now done the deed fully, treat him. 

This way, your dog will start understanding that he gets a chance of marking with urine sometimes during the walk, not when he is going back home. 

Eventually, he will learn and start cooperating. 

Do Female Dogs Also Retain Some Of Their Urine To Mark?

Most commonly male dogs retain their urine to mark their territory but it doesn’t mean that females won’t do it. 

A female dog may also won’t pee all at once and save some to give signals to other male dogs during a walk. She may also try to mark the territory.

It can also be an indication of anxiety in female dogs. 

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When To Worry About Your Dog Not Being Able To Pee All At Once?

If you see that your dog is trying to pee but he can’t, he seems to be in pain, then you should take him to a vet as soon as possible. 

Peeing in small amounts many times a day is also a signal that he might be suffering from UTI. 

Here’s more information about Urinary tract infections in dogs.


Why dogs don’t pee all at once and how to get them to pee all at once?

Male dogs (and sometimes female dogs too) do not pee all at once because they want to retain some to mark their territory later on, during a walk. You can allow him to do so at the start of your long walk but before going home back, give him another chance. Say your fixed potty command and do not let him be distracted. Give him a treat for fully emptying the bladder.

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