Do Pee Pads Work For Older Dogs? – (Best Pads For Them)

If your dog has been going outside to pee, he might not be comfortable urinating inside the house. A different surface may make him uncomfortable, but sometimes you have to shift him inside. In this case, pee pads are the best option. But do pee pads work for older dogs? What are the best pee pads for senior dogs? 

In this article, I will discuss when you should train your dog to pee on the pads, how to choose an excellent dog training pad, and some of the best pee pads for old dogs. 

Do pee pads work for older dogs?

You can train an older dog to use pee pads. However, it will require some work as old dogs are not so responsive and playful, and their surface preference may become a hurdle but with proper training and consistency, pee pads will work for older dogs. 

do pee pads work for older dogs

When can you train your older dog to use pee pads?

Your older dog might be comfortable going outside, but sometimes things don’t go as we plan. 

You might need to train an older dog to use a pee pad for the following reasons. 

  • Poor health: Like humans, old dogs also start to lose their energy and health. With bad health, a dog might not go outside whenever he needs to urinate.
  • He is weak: As a dog grows older, he will start losing his energy. So as he becomes more fragile, it will be hard for him to move outdoor every time.
  • When his bladder is weak: Just like the muscular strength, an old dog’s bladder will become weak. As a result, he won’t be able to control his bladder for a long time. In this case, a pee pad will be a good option.
  • When it’s cold outside: Smaller puppies and older dogs cannot withstand harsh weather. When it’s too cold outside, you should train your senior dog to use an indoor potty spot.
  • Arthritis: This health condition is prevalent in senior dogs. A dog with arthritis should have a nearby potty spot, so he doesn’t have to walk a lot to reach the mark.

Where to place pee pads for older dogs?

For older dogs, you should consider a place in access of the dog, so he won’t have to move around. 

Moreover, a place which is near the window is a plus. It will help in keeping the environment clean. 

If your dog can move a bit, placing the pad on the balcony can also be a good option. 

How to choose a pee pad for an older dog?

When choosing a pee pad for an old dog, you must consider these qualities. 

1- It should be large:

The pee pad should be large enough for him as the older dog may not be good at targeting. In addition, a giant puppy pad will save you from leakages and mess on the floor.

2- Sticky / Adhesive:

A puppy pad with adhesive tapes on corners will stick to a place and reduce the risk of slipping.  

3- Odor locking:

When you place the pee pad in the house, you won’t like the smelly environment. An odor-locking pad will be great to keep the home odor-free.

4- Attractant:

An older dog might have a hard time with pee pad training when he has been going outside throughout his life. A built-in attractant might help the dog to accept the pee pad faster. 

5- Quick dry:

A suitable absorbent pee pad would be a great option as the old dog might need to go again and again. It will also help to lock the odor.

6- Wetness indicator:

A wetness indicator would be good to know when you need to change the pad. 

Best pee pads for senior dogs or older dogs:

Now, let’s look at some pee pads that work great for older dogs. 

1- Grass pee pads:

If your dog has been going outside for the toilet, grass pee pads are an excellent option for him. Doggielawn grass pads are natural grass patches that you can use for your dog’s indoor toilet. 

It comes with a tray that is easier to clean, and you can replace the grass pads from time to time, depending upon your dog’s usage. 

Porch Potty also delivers fresh grass patches. You can choose from different sizes. They also have synthetic grass pads.

2- Glad for Pets Black Charcoal Puppy Pads:

These dog pads are giant, covering a considerable surface area compared to a regular puppy pad, so they are helpful for an old dog who won’t be able to take care of the place. In addition, the activated carbon will eliminate the odor. 

Glad for pets puppy pads has adhesive corner tabs that prevent slipping, so they are safe for old dogs. 

The most important part, these puppy pads have a pheromonal attractant that will help with pee pad training. 

3- Washable pads: Medline Quick Dry Washable Underpads:

Medline dog pads are large washable puppy pads usually used to take care of dogs with incontinence or other such issues. 

These are underpads so your dog could lay on them, and you could save the furniture and bedding from the leaking urine. The size of these underpads is  34″x36″, so it covers a large area. 

Medline underpads are easily washable and durable, so it is the best choice to make if you have an old dog. 

4- Hartz Home Protection Odor Eliminating Scented Dog Pads:

Hartz home protection dog pads are extra-large, making them suitable for old dogs who need a large covered surface area. In addition, these pads have quick-dry technology that will instantly turn the liquid into gel.

These pads have a leak-proof plastic backing that will save the floor. 

5- OUT! Heavy Duty XXL Dog Pads:

OUT! Heavy-duty XXL pads are excellent for large and old dogs as they are pretty strong and cover a large surface area. 

The 3-in-1 attractant works overtime to attract the dog to come and engage with the puppy pad. This feature makes it great for the dog to be pee pad trained. 

6- IMMCUTE Dog Pee Pads Extra Large:

IMMCUTE extra large dog pee pads are 28″ W x 34″ L, the perfect size for old dogs. In addition, these dog pads are leakproof and quick-dry.

The 6-layer protection and tear resistance will make the pads suitable for big dogs. 


Old dogs who are sick may not be able to go outside to relieve themselves. It can be due to urinary incontinence or weak bones. So training them to use dog pads is a good idea. The best pee training pads for old dogs are either natural grass patches or glad charcoal puppy pads for pets. 

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