Why Would A Potty-Trained Dog Pee On A New Carpet Or Rug?

Seeing your house-trained dog peeing on the new carpet must be frustrating. Two things must be bothering you; first, why your fully potty-trained dog is peeing in the house again, and second, your new carpet is now soiled.

In this article, we’ll discuss why your dog is peeing on the new carpet, how to clean up and how to stop your dog from peeing there again.

Why would a house-trained dog pee on a new carpet or rug?

The most obvious reason is urine marking. Dogs are known for their urine-marking instincts. 

When they see something new, they will pee on it to mark their identity. It’s their way of marking their ownership, just like humans write their name on something. 

How do you know that your dog is urine marking on the new carpet?

Following are the signs that your dog is actually marking the carpet with urine.

  • He lifts his leg while urinating
  • The urine amount is small
  • The dog only pees on the carpet but poops in the potty spot.

Well, he will not mark the carpet multiple times. The urine marking is only a few times, but if the carpet is not cleaned properly and your dog smells pee there, he will urinate there again and again. 

Read more about urine marking here.

How to stop the dog from peeing on the new carpet or rug?

First, do not give your dog access to that area until it’s cleaned properly. Get baby gates to limit access or close the door if it’s a room. 

You should confine the dog using a playpen if it’s an open house area, like your living room. 

After that, clean the carpet perfectly. There should be no smell or dog urine. Your dog’s sense of smell is much stronger than your sense of smell, so even if you think that the smell is gone, your dog might still be smelling urine there. So the cleaning should be perfect.

Now, follow up with your dog’s potty training. Put him on a leash and take him to the potty spot when he needs to go. Be with him for a couple of days. 

Dogs are very forgetful. Your dog will likely forget that he used to pee on that carpet. 

After some days, allow your dog to step on the carpet and observe his behavior. Put some dog toys on the carpet if your dog lifts his legs or square, clap, and says no. Take him out again on a leash.  

After a few minutes, try again. If your dog lifts the leg again, take him out again. 

Keep repeating until he doesn’t do it. Give your dog a treat when he starts playing with the toys without lifting his leg or squatting. 

Keep an eye on him for a few days when he spends time on that carpet. 

Once your dog gets used to the new carpet, he won’t mark it again. 

How to clean the carpet to remove all dog urine smell?

As I mentioned earlier, there should be no urine smell otherwise, your dog will pee there again. You will eventually encounter potty training regression.

Here’s how to clean your carpet perfectly:

Step 1- Check the area that is soiled;

Get a UV flashlight. Turn off the room lights and turn on the UV flashlight. Use this light to check the carpet. The area that has urine stains will glow. 

Mark that area to clean up. 

Step 2- Gather the supplies and start cleaning:

  • First, cover the area with paper towels and let them absorb any mess if there is any liquid. If the urine is already dried, you can skip this part.
  • If you have a vacuum cleaner specialized to remove pet messes like Bissell pet carpet cleaner, then your work is so easy, just use that product (along with its urine eliminator formula liquid) according to the instructions, and you are done.

    Otherwise, get a normal enzyme cleaner. Simple Solution Urine Destroyer Enzymatic Cleaner is best for carpets and rugs. (buy this enzyme cleaner on Amazon)
  • Spray the enzyme cleaner on the carpet. Cover double the area of stains to be on the safe side. Use an old toothbrush to help the liquid reach the depth of the carpet. Use the brush in an upward motion. Spray more enzyme cleaner after that.

    Let the liquid sit for at least 15 minutes.
  • Use a paper towel to remove the liquid again. Cover the area with a paper towel and gently pat them. Keep changing the paper towels until they stay dry.  Do not press the paper towels otherwise, it will push the urine deeper into the carpet.
  • Spray some water and use a paper towel again to absorb the water.

  • Let that area dry naturally.
  • Check with the UV light again once the carpet is dry. If there are remaining stains, repeat the process. 

A UV flashlight and a good enzyme cleaner; these two things are must-haves when you have a dog at home. 

If you don’t have one, get one now. 

Click here to buy a UV flashlight on Amazon.

Click here to buy Enzyme cleaner on Amazon. Or you can check my list of best enzyme cleaners for dog urine (according to the surface type). 

Final words:

The obvious reason for a potty-trained dog to pee on the new carpet is urine marking. Once he marks, there will be a urine smell that will invite the dog to pee there again and again. This will lead to potty training regression. 

The solution is to confine your dog and not let him again in that area. Check the stain with a UV flashlight and use an enzyme cleaner to clean the stain perfectly. 

Follow up with your dog’s potty training. Put him on a fixed schedule. Take him to the potty spot on a leash. 

Then let your dog onto the carpet and observe his behavior. Take him back if he tries to pee and treat him if he doesn’t.

Keep an eye on him for a few days until he gets familiar with the new carpet or rug. 

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