How To Potty Train An 8 Week Old Puppy? – (The Right Way)

This is a commonly asked question. How to potty train an 8-week-old puppy? Or can an 8-week-old puppy be potty trained?

There are multiple answers by different people. But practically, many people try to house-train their new pup at this age.

Let’s discuss further:

Can an 8 weeks old puppy be potty trained?

“An 8-week-old puppy is too young, he doesn’t have enough control over his bladder and bowel. So at this time, you can just prevent the accidents from happening and develop good habits. However, developing good habits is actually a kind of potty training. The major difference is in your expectations and the amount and focus of time you will have to spend.”

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The ideal age to start potty training a puppy is around 12-16 weeks, But if you are committed to starting training early; refer to this article where all the details are given about how to potty train a puppy step by step.

How to potty train a puppy, step-by-step guide.

can an 8 weeks old puppy be potty trained

For how long an 8 weeks old puppy can hold his bladder?

The very first thing to consider when you try to house train an 8 week old, is, how long he should be able to hold the bladder.

As a rule of thumb; puppies can hold their bladder for one hour for every month of their age. So, an 8-week old puppy should be able to hold it for 2 hours, ideally. 

But in reality, these young puppies don’t really try to hold it. They will pee immediately when they feel the urge. So keeping a goal of taking him to the toilet every hour or so should be a good idea.

8 weeks old puppy potty training schedule

It should be usual practice to take your puppy for potty immediately after they wake up, right after they play, 5-30 minutes after eating and drinking, and whenever they show the cue. (as we mentioned in our guide to puppy potty training).

Let’s specify these details for an 8-week old pup; This is how often you should take your pup to the potty.

  • Within a minute of waking up, pick him up and take him to the potty spot.
  • After Eating: At this age, your puppy needs a meal 3-4 times a day and you should take him to the potty 5 minutes after the meal. If he does go, that is great. If he doesn’t; repeat after every 5 minutes, until you know that after how much time of eating, this buddy goes to the toilet. (usually puppies poop within an hour of eating)
  • After drinking: At this age, puppies need around half a cup of water every 2 hours and you need to take them to the bathroom immediately after drinking. If he does, great! If he doesn’t repeat; until you know his schedule.
  • Right after the play session, take him to the toilet. If you are playing with him and suddenly he goes away from you, understands that this is the sign, that he needs to go.
  • Right before the nap time. An 8 weeks old puppy may take a nap many times a day. It depends on the routine you have established for him.
  • When nothing above is happening, take him every 1-2 hours. If the puppy is of a large breed with strong muscles, you can enjoy a 2 hours break but for other puppies, take them every 1- 1.5 hours. 

In short, You will be taking your puppy to the toilet all the time. This is why we recommend consciously starting training at 12 weeks old. 

8 weeks old puppy potty training at night?

About the night;

  • Remove his water bowl 2 hours before bedtime and take him to the potty right before putting him to bed.
  • When he goes to sleep; wake him up after 1.5-2 hours for a potty break. You will have to wake him up every 3-4 hours to go to the toilet. 

How long does it take to potty train an 8 weeks old puppy?

It usually takes around 4-12 weeks to potty train a puppy and sometimes, it may take up to a year to completely house train him. But for an 8-week old puppy, things are different.

If you have started to potty train your puppy at 8 weeks and are waiting for the final results, the bad news is; it will take longer and much more effort. It may take more than 12 weeks to house train 8 weeks old. Because the starting point is quite early.

Actually, it depends upon your expectations. If you are just trying to develop good habits, and not counting the days; starting early is better. Because when you start the training, it will take much less time.

And if you have started counting the days, “It has been more than 12 weeks since I started training this guy but he is not getting it.” 

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Tips to potty train an 8 week old puppy?

1- Do not start multiple pieces of training at a time.

It is best not to start multiple training sessions at the same time for your puppy. Like when you are crate training him; wait and finish it first and then start toilet training. 

2- Give extra time

When you have decided to start potty training early, it’s advised to give him some extra time to learn. He is too little and he must not have enough control over his bladder.

So giving some extra time and the staying patient is the key.

Here’s how you can stay patient with your dog.

3- Have a person at home always there for him

At least one person should always be there for him to watch him and take him to the potty spot.

Because an 8-week old puppy needs to go to the toilet at least 20-30 times a day, so you know! 

4- Confine the area

A younger puppy, who is not fully potty trained, should not be given access to the whole house.  You should confine his area. Use a playpen or baby gates to limit him. The area where he will be living, should not be covered with carpets or any sensitive furniture.

5- Give another chance

When you are out with him and he does the deed once. It is best to give him another chance. Puppies don’t know how to empty their bladder in one go. So don’t move back to the house straight away. Wait a few minutes and see if he goes again.

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