Is Your Puppy Peeing In His Crate For Attention? (What To Do?)

Do you think that your puppy is peeing in his crate for attention? Why do you think so? Puppies and dogs don’t follow any behavior out of spite or to annoy you. There is always a reason.

They may sometimes pee in the crate for attention. Only if you are not giving him enough time and attention.

If he usually finds you ignoring him or staying busy.

He had an accident in the crate by chance and you were there to help him out. This attention might become attractive for him and he found it a way to spend time with you.

But this situation is rare.

How To Know That The Puppy Is Peeing In The Crate For Attention?

  • If your puppy doesn’t have an accident outside the crate, and the problem is only when he is inside and he doesn’t pee in the crate when you are there for him, he might be doing this for attention. (He is peeing in the crate only at night, then that is a different thing.)
  • If he barks immediately after peeing and as soon as you take him out, then he wants to play. Then there are chances that he is doing this for attention.
  • If you are sitting around and he has his favorite toy. He is busy playing and doesn’t pee there, then it might be an attention-seeking behavior.

How To Stop Your Puppy From Peeing In The Crate For Attention?

First thing! Ask yourself?

Am I spending some time playing with him?
If not, fix a time and play with him. Puppies need “at least” 15 minutes of play with their owner.

Am I taking him to walk daily?
If not, take him regularly. Establish a walking schedule.

Do I give him attention after he pees in the crate?
If you do, then don’t. Stay boring and just clean the mess.

Do I confine him again?
If you don’t, then do it. When he does so, take him out and do not pay attention to him, do not start playing, Yelling is not an option either.

Clean the mess perfectly and confine him again. He shouldn’t think that if he will pee inside, then he can come out and do anything he wants.

Do not give him the signal that he can come out and do anything.

Other Reasons; Why Is Your Puppy Peeing In His Crate?

This is possible that your puppy is peeing in the crate for attention, but it’s rare. There are several other reasons why he might be doing this. 

1- Medical Condition:

Whenever your puppy or dog starts peeing and pooping in the house, you must rule out if there is any medical condition that is causing it. There are plenty including UTI, diabetes, Cushing’s disease, etc. 

Have a visit to the vet.

2- Regression:

It is common with puppies and dogs of less than one year of age, (although it is still possible in older dogs).

Puppy’s potty training regression is when after learning good potty habits, he reverts back to peeing and pooping in the house. 

Especially if your puppy is brought from a puppy mill, animal shelter, or if he is a baby of a stray dog. He might not have learned good potty habits and this might be the reason, he is having a tough time sticking to a schedule of peeing. 

Here’s everything you need to know about puppy’s potty training regression. 

3- Urine Marking:

Urine marking is another natural behavior of dogs. When they encounter a new object around them, they may mark it as “Mine” with the urine. It’s like writing their name on something. 

Especially, if the bedding of the crate or the crate itself is new, he may mark it. 

Here’s how you can find out if he is soiling his crate or urine marking, and what you can do to stop him.

4- Time In A Crate Is Too Much:

Puppies are able to hold their bladder for a limited time, as per their age.
As a rule of thumb, a puppy can hold his bladder for one hour for every month of his age. Until he is around 7-9 months old. (depending upon the breed). 

If you are confining him for a longer period of time, he might not be able to control it. 

5- He Is Anxious Or Alone

If he has never been alone at home, and all of a sudden, you need to go back to work or something, he might become anxious.

Anxiety really disturbs the schedule of dogs. 

Here’s how to potty train a puppy when you work full time or you have to go for a long time.

6- Crate’s Bedding Might Be Soiled

If the puppy accidentally soiled the bedding of the crate, and it was not cleaned up properly. He might smell urine there and there are increased chances that he will go there again.

So, it’s best to check the crate with a UV flashlight every now and then to know if there is any urine inside.

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There are a few more reasons that might be causing your puppy to soil his crate:

  • His crate training was not good enough. Refer to this article for a complete guide on crate training a puppy.
  • There is something wrong with your puppy’s potty training, maybe he was not yet trained and you thought that you are finished. Here’s the complete guide to potty training a puppy.
  • The size of the crate also matters, a good crate should be large enough for a dog to sit, stand and turn around only. If the crate is bigger, he might choose a spot to go potty. 
  • If you have started crate training and potty training together? Don’t do that. Crate train him first and then start potty training. 


Is your puppy peeing in the crate for attention? There is only one situation where he will start to do this and that is when you are not giving him enough time and he accidentally found peeing in the crate as a way of spending time with you. You can simply discourage this behavior by spending enough time with him and not paying attention when he does this. Just take him out of the crate, clean the mess and confine him again.

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