Best Puppy Potty Training Supplies – (Essentials + Optionals)

When you are bringing your puppy home, it’s so exciting but keep in mind that you have to get prepared for their training. And for that purpose, it’s best to have all the puppy potty training supplies in hand.

Our website is dedicated to potty training these little cuties so here we have a list of all the essentials (and optionals) you are going to need in your potty training journey.

If you will be prepared by having all the necessary supplies in hand, it will save you a lot of runs, and your journey of potty training your puppies will be smoother.

We have broken down the supplies into two categories;

  • Essentials (supplies you must-have in your hand)
  • Optionals (supplies that are not must-haves but they can help you out with the process)

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Puppy Potty Training Essentials:

Here we go; Everything you must have in your range is listed.

1- Crate

A crate is a must-have if you have a puppy at home. The crate also helps a lot when you are potty training your puppy


Dogs are Den Animals. They don’t mess up with the area where they go to sleep unless they were not prone to extremely bad habits in the past. 

When the puppy will be in the crate, he will not relieve himself and try to hold the pee.

It will help him to learn to control his bladder.


So having a crate that is best suited to your puppy is a great choice.

Check out MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

Midwest dog crate picture

Midwest dog crates have so many awesome reviews, it’s easy to assemble and comes in so many sizes and door options. It’s a perfect fit for every dog. The only problem, our reviewers found that its latch opens, which is not good.

But there is a solution. Attach some zip ties to the latch and everything is good to go. (get your zip ties on Amazon)

Remember, a good crate should not be too small or too large for the puppy. It should be enough for a puppy/dog to sit, stand, turn and stretch.

2- Playpen

A playpen is also a must-have, not only for potty training; like it will help to keep the puppy away from food and other stuff.

While potty training a puppy, it’s important to keep the puppy in a specific area so he couldn’t roam around the house.

The people who are trying to potty train the puppy using pads; can place the pads within the playpen to keep them away from distractions.

Check out MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Exercise Pen.

Preventive Pet also recommends midwest crate and playpen:

Midwest Playpen

Midwest won again when we reviewed lots of playpens on different marketplaces. It’s one of the most loved playpens as per so many dog owners.

This is easy to set up, no extra tools are required. It has a 1-year warranty. It’s easy to fold, transportable and flexible to assemble.

3- A Leash

A leash is a must-have especially when you are toilet training your puppy. Dogs are highly distracted creatures. And younger dogs/puppies… Huffff.. Having a leash is important because of that.

When you’re dog is doing the deed; he might forget that what he was doing and focus on the grass moving due to the wind. They might forget to completely empty their bladder.

So keep the leash in your hand and remind him again and again, “Go Potty”

Check out BAAPET  Strong Dog Leash.


It’s heavy-duty and reflective for night safety.

It has comfortable padded handles, available in many colors and sizes, and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

So, everything a good leash should have; is there.

4- Enzymatic cleaners

Puppies are able to smell the lightest odors, while we can’t. If you won’t clean the accident with a good enzymatic cleaner, it’s more likely that a small amount of smell of urine will remain there. Even if you can’t smell it.

So, the puppy will come back to the same spot to do the deed. So Always use an enzymatic cleaner to clean the mess of these creatures.

Find out the best enzymatic cleaner for dog urine according to the surface type.

Check out Simple Solution Pet Urine Destroyer | Enzymatic Cleaner

One of the best enzymatic cleaners out there;

It’s tough on the stains and odor and completely safe for carpets and other household things.

Available in a spray bottle and a large refill.

5- Spare Clothes or Paper Towel

You must prepare some extra clothes or paper towels to clean up the mess. Mention them in your shopping list right now and always have them within your range.

Cleaning the mess with the paper is easier because you can just dispose of it, while you will need to wash the spare clothes.

Check out Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels on Amazon.

6- Dog Poop Bags

Everyone knows that this is essential when you have a puppy/dog at home. You must have a stock of dog poop bags at home.

Check out Earth-Rated Dog Poop Bags

dog poop bags

Earth-rated dog poop bags are the best sellers on Amazon, and thousands of people gave this product a 5-star rating.

They are easy to carry, simple to open and tie, and 100% leakproof.

These poop bags are available as scented and non-scented and the reviewers said that they actually lock the smell.

Get a poop bag leash dispenser to make it even easier to carry.

*They are not bio-degradable.

7- Doggie Treats

You must give your dog a treat when he does the deed the right way. And that treat should be instant, within a second.

Dogs are so easily distracted, they might forget that what they have done right. So make sure that you always have them in your pocket so you don’t miss that crucial second.

Check out Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats with Real Bone Marrow and Calcium

puppy treats

These dog treats are made up of real bone marrow and two layers of meaty crunch.

They are loaded with calcium and doggies just love the taste.

Available in two flavors; beef and bacon.

Optional Supplies

The second category of puppy potty training supplies is “optional supplies”, these things are not necessary but they may help you out to ease the process and some depend upon the method you choose. Like if you are going to toilet train your puppy on pads, then pads should be there on your shopping list.

So here’s the list:

1- Puppy Pee Pads

If you are going to potty train your puppy on pads, you must stock a bunch of them. You’ll have to change them more often so be prepared.

In the beginning, you are going to place 3-4 potty pads at a time, so make sure you have enough. (Check out our detailed guide about how to potty train a puppy on pads.)

Check out Amazon basics dog and puppy pads (regular and heavy-duty)

Amazon Basics Dog and Puppy Pads are the winners on amazon. They are the best seller and provide great value to the users.

These are super absorbent (turns liquid into a gel) and leakproof.

2- Potty Training Spray

Some people use (and swear by) the potty training sprays. When trying to train a pupp; you can spray the liquid onto the place where you want him to go potty. Its smell mimics the smell of dog urine and they are more likely to go on the spot where you have sprayed because dogs naturally go there where they smell the urine.

We were unable to find any great potty training spray that is super effective; maybe because of the fact that different sprays work for different puppies. (Read our article about Potty Training Sprays)

However, Bodhi training spray and pooch pads attractant sprays work better than others.

Potty training sprays are more about hit and trial, and they are not so expensive either, so it’s not unreasonable to give them a shot.

3- UV Flashlight

Ultra Violet Flashlight is used to find the leftover/dry urine or stains which cannot be seen with a naked eye.

It’s helpful in the toilet training journey by finding those spots which have some urine (and most possibly, smell which we can’t sense but puppies can).

This is not much expensive, so having one in hand is a great deal.

Check out Simple Dulux Flashlight LED Blacklight Pet Urine Detector For Dog/Cat Urine

People who used this flashlight to find out the hidden urine stains; really loved it.

It has a black light for urine detection, it emits 395nm wavelength UV blacklight with an adjustable focus. It is built from rugged, machined aluminum with knurled design.

4- A Bell

A bellll…!

Some people train their puppies to use the bell when they need to go potty. This is common with people who train the puppies to go outside, and those who keep their doors closed (some people provide a dog window to their puppies around their doors).

So, A bell would become essential in this case.

Check out Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0.

puppy ringing the bell to go potty

This bell is very easy to use for dogs because of its requirement of just 0.75lbs of pressure.

Its ring tone and volume are customizable. It is water-resistant so can be used both indoor and outdoor.

It is wireless, so no tools are required.

So, these were all the supplies you must have in your hands when you are bringing a puppy at home and going to potty train him.

If you have something to share or a question to ask, feel free to comment below: You’ll always get a reply.

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