All About Dog Potty Training Sprays – (Can You Make Them At Home?)

You can easily potty train a puppy with commercial sprays. To do that, you must hold the spray nozzle one inch from the surface where you want your puppies/dogs to “go” when you are potty training them with spray. Spray circularly about the size of a two-inches on the ground. 

After that, bring the dog to the location and enable the dog to sniff the area. Dogs will quickly recognize that this is the designated “go-to” location. Always give your pet positive reinforcement or treats when he or she behaves well.

Hopefully, at the outset of this essay, we were able to discuss this topic thoroughly. However, if you have scrolled down to this commonly asked questions section, we will provide you with our response in a nutshell.

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Does Potty Training Spray Really Work?

We believe that the sprays are effective for many dogs. Some techniques to housebreak a dog and some environmental settings also require the usage of potty training sprays.

Note that one spray may not work for every dog. The only way to find out if the effectiveness of sprays for your puppy during its potty training is to give them a try. (Try Atleast 2-3 sprays)

Given that they are not prohibitively expensive and some of the best ones are backed by a money-back guarantee, we believe it is not unreasonable to use them.

how to potty train a puppy

Types of sprays used to potty train puppies:

There are two types of sprays available: 

  1. Attractant sprays.
  2. Repellant sprays.

Attractant sprays are intended to direct the dog to the appropriate potty location, while repellent sprays are designed to direct the dog away from the right potty location.

After that, you can use one or both types of spray to urge and train your puppy to poop or pee in the areas where you want them to relieve.

“Spray the repellent spray where you don’t want your puppy to relieve, and spray the attractant spray where you want them to do so.”

What can I use to spray on the carpet to keep my dog from peeing on the floor?

You might look for the best dog repellent training sprays on the market and use one of those, to begin with. With the spray, you may discourage your dog from urinating or peeing on your carpet or furniture by spraying it with a strong fragrance.

NOTE – When applying any chemical items to your carpet or soft furnishings in your house, take preventive measures and use common sense.

Ensure that you follow the directions thoroughly and test a tiny, safe area before applying heavily.

How to make homemade dog repellent spray? Alternatively, what are the ingredients for manufacturing DIY dog repellent spray?

Due to the lengthy procedure and sensitive components used in a commercial spray, creating a commercial potty training spray at home is challenging.

Alternatively, a vinegar and water solution can be used. Because dogs just hate the smell of vinegar and citrus fruits.

It is possible to increase the effectiveness of potty training by using this vinegar spray on a puppy’s poop. If your puppy has an accident in the house, he may return to the exact location to relieve himself. Even if you clean the stain with regular soap, the dog may still be able to smell his aroma unless you also neutralize the odor.

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White vinegar can disinfect and neutralize the stench of urine and feces without the use of chemicals.

You may house train your puppy by using a solution of vinegar and water.

This vinegar and water solution act as a repellent spray. and it can also be used to make a homemade enzyme cleaner.

The procedure of making and using homemade repellent spray (vinegar and water-based)?

The procedure:

  • Mix 50 % white vinegar and 50 % water to make this solution. 
  • To ensure that the ingredients are fully integrated, stir them together.
  • Fill a spray container halfway with the mixture. Keep the bottle closed while you’re making the mixture.
  • The vinegar mixture should be sprayed softly on carpeted surfaces in your home. Only a little mist should be sprayed onto the carpet. 
  • During a cleanup, avoid soaking it or applying more than necessary. In order to keep the puppy from urinating and defecating on the carpet, spray the carpet with this solution to give it a vinegar smell.
  • Allow the puppy to get a shiff of the vinegar fragrance. Do not rub your pet’s nose in the fregrance because this will make her feel uncomfortable.
  • Using a good amount of the vinegar water combination, saturate the affected area until it is completely saturated. Cleaning the mess with a fresh cleaning cloth is recommended. The vinegar will sanitize the area as well as eliminate any odors that may be there.
  • Allow a cleaning cloth to soak in the vinegar mixture for 10 minutes before applying it to stubborn stains or spots. After 10 minutes, use the towel to brush away the debris gently.
  • Using a towel, dry the affected area. Hard surfaces such as linoleum, tile, and wood will be dried entirely by using a towel. The carpet, on the other hand, must be allowed to dry overnight. It is best not to walk in the area until it has totally dried. A dryer can also be used to expedite the drying process.
  • Do not spray vinegar on grass or plants, because vinegar may kill them.
  • Before spraying the vinegar on carpets or furniture, make sure to check with a small area first.

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Can you make homemade puppy potty training Attractant spray?

homemade puppy potty training spray

Can you make dog urine attractant spray at home?

There is no great recipe for puppy attractant spray (DIY) but the attractant sprays available in the market are really very cheap.

If you will try to make the puppy attractant spray at home, you will still have to get some ingredients, you can get a ready-made bottle. So why waste your time.

Here are a few you can get on Amazon and try:

Simple Solution Puppy Aid Training Spray

OUT! PetCare Go Here Attractant

Bodhi Dog Potty Training Spray

Pooch Pads Potty Training Attractant

But remember that not every spray works for every dog. It’s just how it is! You have to try a few to find out which one works for your dog.

and of course! you can’t completely rely on the sprays. It’s just an aid, you have to put in the effort to potty train your puppy or dog.

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Dog Attractants Potty Training Sprays:

Now when you have kept the dog away from the places where you don’t want him to relieve, it’s time to direct him to the place where you want him to pee.

Puppy Attractant Sprays work! But you have to do some research on that. Not every spray works for every dog so it is a good idea to get a bunch and see which one works for your pooch.

You can spray the attractant spray on the potty spot and take your puppy to that place when it’s time.

How to use puppy potty training Attractant sprays?

Many people use a newspaper or pee pad to train puppies with spray.

Place the newspaper or puppy pee pad on the spot where you want them to relive and spray the training spray on that spot. Take your puppy to that place when it’s scheduled time to go potty.

Allow the dog to sniff the area, he is more likely to relieve himself where you’ve sprayed the attractant spray.

Then slowly move the newspaper towards the door from where you want him to go outside.

It takes consistency and patience to train a dog to go potty where you want.

How do attractant potty training sprays work?

Attractant potty training sprays contain natural plant extracts and chemicals which mimic the smell of dog urine.

When you will spray this on a specific area, the dog will think that this is the place to go potty and he is more likely to follow his natural instincts to pee where he has already relieved himself.

Does puppy potty training Attractant spray work?

As we said earlier, not every spray works for every puppy. For many people, it works! it reduces the time taken to potty train a puppy. But still, it’s a hit and trial. These sprays are not so expensive so it’s good to give them a try. Because if you find one that works for your puppy, your potty training journey is going to be a lot smoother.

Best puppy potty training sprays?

According to a test conducted by DogLab, these 2 sprays listed below worked for most of the dogs.

Bodhi Dog Potty Training Spray (Buy on Amazon)

Pooch Pads Potty Training Attractant (Buy on Amazon)

Do we recommend using potty training sprays?

Does Potty Training Spray Really Work? Yes, potty training sprays work as a great aid. Although it’s not a necessity, it may help a lot. Setting realistic expectations is crucial, do not think that now when you have sprayed a liquid somewhere around the house, the puppy will go on his own. You’ll have to still work on it. Combine the usual potty training method, positive reinforcement, and use of the spray.

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