What To Do If Puppy Thinks Potty Bell Is A Toy?

Potty bell training a puppy is very beneficial. It’s very convenient for the dog and the dog owner as well. But this training also comes with many problems, for example, “puppy thinks potty bell is a toy.” 

In this article, we’ll discuss why your puppy thinks that the bell is something to play with and the solutions. 

Possible reasons why your puppy thinks that the potty bell is a toy?

Why would your puppy think so? There are 3 main possible reasons:

1- Bell training too early:

Bell training is an awesome way to train your dog to tell your when he needs to go outside to pee. However, there is a certain time when you should train him to do so. 

What is that certain time?

You should start potty bell training when your puppy is fully potty trained. Once your puppy knows when and where to go to pee,, you should train him to use the bell to signal you. 

How do you know that your puppy is fully potty trained?

There is no specific sign because potty training itself is not a linear process. Your puppy may go without an accident for quite some time and then he starts peeing inside again. 

However, you can say your puppy is fully potty trained:

  • Once he is more than 9 months to one year old because before that, your puppy’s bladder is still weak, and you can’t expect him to be fully trained.
  • He goes without an accident for a few weeks, not days. 

If you start bell training too early, your puppy will not understand the bell’s purpose. He will enjoy the ringing sounds and start playing with them. 

2- The puppy actually needs to go:

Maybe your puppy actually needs to go, but he doesn’t understand the bell. He keeps trying to discover how to convey the message, and you think that he is playing with the bell. 

3- Inappropriate bell training:

Another very common reason for potty bell training problems is an inappropriate training method. 

I always recommend starting with only introducing the bell and slowly making your dog comfortable with it. 

After that, be with your dog during every toilet visit outside. Ring the bell, go out, let the dog do the business, do not play with him, and come back. 

Read the full method of dog potty bell training here. 


What should you do when your puppy is not using the potty bell for the right purpose? 

  1. First, change the potty bells right away. Get a different kind, so your dog learns from scratch. I recommend Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0, as it has many great features. Typical jingle bells are good, but they will always ring, and their sounds are not adjustable.
  2. Remove the last bell for a few days until your puppy forgets about it.
  3. Re-train to use the potty bell. Learn here; how to potty bell train a dog.


Here are a few tips to keep your puppy or dog thinking that the potty bell is a toy. 

1- Bell train the puppy at the right time:

Do not start to bell train the puppy at an early age. The right time to start this training is after your dog is fully potty trained. 

2- Fix one play area for your puppy:

Do not spread your puppy’s toys all around the house. Do not let him play everywhere. The best practice is to confine your dog to one area until he is fully potty trained. 

Keep all his toys in one area, and do not let him play with anything other than his toys. 

The potty bell should be hung or fixed with one door only.

3- Use the bell sound only to go potty (not for playing):

Some people use the bells to let their dogs out at any time. If you plan to use the bell for communication toilet needs, do not use this bell for other purposes. For example, do not let your dog out to play or walk after he rings the bell. 

Moreover, the toilet visits (after ringing the bell) should be strictly business. No playing, no chasing little creatures, and no fun. 

When your dog is out, let him do the business, stand boring and come back right after he is done.

If you plan to take your dog somewhere or let him play after that, come back inside for a few minutes and take your dog outside again. 

The potty bells should be only to visit the bathroom, not something else. 

Final words:

Your puppy thinks that the potty bell is a toy because of training him too early or inappropriate bell training. 

Consider changing the bell type and re-train your dog to use the potty bell. 

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