Should I Pee On My Dog To Show Dominance? – (How To Be The Alpha?)

We totally agree that it is so important to stay dominant when you are a dog owner. Because dogs live in a hierarchical social system where everyone looks towards alpha before doing anything. 

Your dog will either accept you as an alpha or he will try to become one. There is no third option.

There is nothing wrong with showing dominance over your dog. They need someone to guide them about what is right and what is wrong. 

You are not hurting them by leading them.

And then someone asked,

Should I pee on my dog to show dominance? You don’t really need to pee on your dog to show dominance because it doesn’t work that way. It can make him scared too. There are many other decent ways to show your dog that you are dominant without messing up with your dignity and his training. Simple behave like alpha and you will be that alpha.

Why You Should Not Pee On Your Dog To Show Dominance?

We are amazed how so many people come up with this idea. 

But it makes sense. 

Most people know that dogs urinate on something to show dominance or mark their territory and ownership, so why can’t the owner pee on them to show that “I AM ALPHA”.

But the fact is that dogs also urinate on something for many other reasons. 

Dogs also pee on someone to submit themselves. 

So if you feel that your dog is trying to be dominant by peeing on you, you might be wrong. 

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Following are some of the reasons why you should not think of peeing on your dog to show dominance. 

1- It Doesn’t Work That Way: 

Many people think that dogs urinate on something only to show dominance. BUT!

Dogs pee on something for so many reasons. So it is not wise to think that they use urine only to show dominance. It simply doesn’t work that way.

How do dogs use their urine to signal other dogs? 

Only dogs can understand this. You can’t get it until you are an expert in doggy psychology.

2- It Can Make The Dog Scared And Stressed Too:

You don’t really know how to signal the dogs using “urine”, do you? 

It is also possible that instead of showing dominance you make your dog scared and stressed. 

Maybe he was not trying to be dominant and already accepted you as an alpha?

3- He Might Do The Opposite:

Say, you own an extremely dominant type dog (like American Pitbull Terrier or rottweiler), you peed on him to show dominance.

No one can predict that how he will react. 

You think that he will accept you as an alpha but it can be the opposite too.

He can also try to suppress you with more strength. Especially if you are dealing with a stray dominant dog. 

4- He Might Think That This Behavior Is Totally Fine:

Your dog is learning from you. So, when you will behave this way, he will think that this is totally fine behavior. 

He might start following you and then you will not be able to stop that “urine marking” thing. 

Things To Avoid If You Want To Stay Dominant Over Your Dog:

If you want to stay dominant over your dog, without doing anything inappropriate or messing up with the dog’s personality and training, then avoid these things.

1- Never Pee On Him To Show Dominance:

We have had a bunch of information about this but to make it more clear, here it is again.

“You don’t need to pee on your dog to show dominance”. There are several other decent ways to show him that you are the alpha and he needs to follow you.

2- Don’t Use ‘Punishment”:

If a person thinks that by punishing the dog, he will be able to take control over the dog, then he is WRONG.

Punishing your dog physically or emotionally will do more harm than good. 

You will only end up making your dog scared and stressed.

Instead of following your commands, he will be hiding and running away from you. And that is not what you want. Right?

3- Don’t Use A Shock Collar:

We were surprised that this thing even exist. Some people even recommend using a shock collar to keep the dog within limits. 

It can work! However, we would never recommend it.

Simply, because it is cruel.

4- Don’t Let Your Dog Sleep On Your Bed:

If you are looking to show dominance over your dog, you should not let him sleep on your bed. 

The alpha dog gets the most comfortable sleeping spot. Got it?

You should never allow him to sleep with you, especially if you are raising a dominant dog breed.

5- Don’t Carry His Burden:

When you are taking him for a walk or somewhere, you shouldn’t carry his stuff. 

It’s like giving your dog a responsibility. 

How To Show Dominance Over A Dog Without Peeing On Him?

Follow these simple tricks to show your dog that you are the dominant one without trying to pee on him.

Simply, follow most alpha dog traits like:

1- Show Him The Path:

Do not let your dog lead you while you are on a walk. 

Always lead him, keep him on the leash. 

2- Eat Your Food First And Then Feed The Dog:

Alpha dogs eat their meals first. 

So if you are looking to become an alpha then 

“Eat first, feed later.”

It is not necessary to finish your meal first. 

Just serve him after you have started to eat. 

Dailypuppy states, “Place a snack for yourself near his bowl so that he thinks you are eating from his bowl, and eat your snack before you allow him to eat. Alpha dogs always eat first.”

3- Take Control Over His Schedule And Resources:

You have to set up his schedule. 

What and when he will eat. Take control of the resources. 

Put his food in his bowl in front of him and give him. He should know that you are the one who is in charge of his food and other resources.

Be firm with his routine to show that you have control over what he does.

4- Maintain Eye-Contact With The Dog While Talking

While you are talking to him to command him, always maintain eye contact. 

This is to show him that you are confident while dealing with him. 

Be firm with your behavior. Do not become over-excited. 

5- Be Firm With The Obedience Training 

Make your dog learn that what is his role in the family.

How he is supposed to deal with other family members and other dogs. 

The better you are with the obedience training, the more dominant you will be over your dog. 

6- Do Not Become Over-Excited With Your Dog:

When you are meeting your dog after a pause, do not become over-excited. 

Stay firm. Take a few minutes to settle down and then greet. 

In short, you have to maintain your dignity and seriousness. 

How To Know That The Dog Is Accepting You As The Dominant Party (Alpha)?

One sign that your dog is now accepting you as his alpha is, “he will look for you before doing anything.” 

You will find him waiting for your command. 

He will start following you and stand up when you are there.


Can I pee on my dog to show dominance? You don’t need to pee on him to become dominant over him. Simply follow what an alpha dog does, and that should be enough to be incharge. Like eating first, showing the path, and taking control of the resources. 

Dogs use “peeing” for so many reasons, not only to show dominance. So save it!

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