The 6 Best Pooper Scooper For Walks – (How To Choose The Best?)

Dog walks are fun, but not at the time when your dog poops and you have to pick it up and find a space to throw it. A good portable pooper scooper can really help you with that.

Well, what is a pooper scooper? It’s a simple device that is used to pick up dog poop (or any animal poop). You can put a poop bag on it, and then you won’t have to touch the feces. 

Pooper scoopers are available in many shapes and sizes, but you need a small portable pooper scooper that you can easily carry on walks. 

One that attaches to the leash is even better. 

Let’s find out the best pooper scoopers for walks (or the best portable pooper scooper to carry on walks).

What is the best pooper scooper for walks? The best portable pooper scooper to carry on walks is a VPOER dog pooper scooper with a bag. It is great for all sizes of dogs, easy to carry because of the hook, works on all surfaces, has a big jaw with teeth, and is affordable.

There are a few more. Here is the list of best portable pooper scoopers for walks. 

dog on walk

1- Best Overall: VPOER Dog Pooper Scooper With Bag:

It is the best overall because of its size, durability, and other features we are going to tell you about here:

  • It has a portable hook that makes it very easy to attach to the leash.
  • A waste bag compartment makes it easy to carry the waste bag. You just have to pull out the bag and open it. 
  • It’s 12.2 inches long and 5.1 inches wide. (great for dogs of all sizes).
  • It’s slightly longer compared to other handy pooper scoopers, making the process less “yucky”.
  • The handle is so comfortable.
  • It has strong springs that make it sturdy and durable. 
  • A big jaw opening.
  • Teeth like structure on the mouth of the scooper make it easier to use.
  • Works on all kinds of surfaces, including grass, gravel, dirt, and concrete. 
  • 15 pieces of poop bags for free.
  • The surface is non-stick, so it is easy to clean.
  • Price efficiency: (less than $15)

How To Use This VPOER Dog Pooper Scooper? 

  1. Pull out the poop bag from inside and expand it. 
  2. Cover the head of the scooper with a plastic bag.
  3. Open the jaw and pick up the poop. 
  4. Take the bag out from the other end and throw it. 

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2- Best For Large DogsDogBuddy Pooper Scooper (Large): 

DogBuddy large pooper scooper is Portable and convenient to carry. It has a hook that attaches it to the leash to avoid forgetting it at home. 

It has an integrated waste bag compartment that allows you to carry the poop bags without any hassle.

Whenever your dog poops, just take a bag from the waste bag compartment, put it around the pooper scooper, and pick up the poop.

The large size is 7.1 inches long and 5.9 inches wide. This size is good for large-sized dog waste. 

The best thing about this scooper is that its waste compartment is extendable. It extends to make it a size of 3.6 inches. This feature makes it super good to pick up large-sized dog poop. 

The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the product. 

Summary of features of Dogbuddy portable large pooper scooper:

  • Waste bag compartment
  • Large size (7.1” * 5.9”)
  • Hook to attach it with a leash
  • Extendable waste compartment (3.6”)
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Jumbo poop bags refill
  • Available in 2 colors (green and grey)

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3- Best For Small And Medium DogsDogbuddy Pooper Scooper (Small): 

The same dog buddy pooper scooper is also available for small and medium dogs. 

The smaller size is 5.9 inches long and 4.8 inches wide. And the waste compartment is extendable up to 2 inches. 

Instead of jumbo poop bags refill, small pooper scoopers have standard-sized bags refill. 

Except for the size, every other thing remains the same.

Summary of features of dog buddy small pooper scooper:

  • Medium size ( 5.9” * 4.8”)
  • Extendable waste bag compartment (2.0”)
  • Standard sized poop bags refill
  • Hook to attach the scooper with the leash
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Waste bag compartment
  • 100% money-back guarantee

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4- Best Extendable (For Extra Large Dogs)Jondarla Dog Pooper Scooper

Jondarla dog pooper scooper is slightly more extendable (3.9 inches) than dog buddy large pooper scooper. So it is best for large and extra-large dogs. 

Make sure to carry full-sized dog poop bags too. 

Jondarla pooper scooper has a big waste bag compartment that is 2.76 inches wide and 1.57 inches long. 

It also has a hook to attach it to a leash, and it’s lightweight, so it is very easy to carry.

Summary of features of Jondarla Dog Pooper Scooper

  • Extendable waste compartment (3.9 inches)
  • Large size (7.1” * 5.7”)
  • It opens for up to 4.6 inches in width
  • It has a hook for attaching it to the leash
  • Big waste bag compartment (1.57” * 2.76”)
  • 45 pcs waste bags free.
  • Light-weight and easy to carry.

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5- Best Easy To UseHandiscoop Small Pet Select Combo- Pooper Scooper:

Handiscoop small pet select pooper scooper is different from other portable poopers as you don’t have to open it like a clip. You can use it like a gun. 

This pooper scooper is very easy to use as you can preload the scoop with 3 bags. 

Its long stick will make the poop picking process less “yucky.” 

It is a great product to carry on walks, but it doesn’t have a waste bag compartment and a hook to attach it with a leash. 

You will have to carry a spare poop bag dispenser and a dog bag. 

Summary of features of Handiscoop Small Pet Select Combo:

  • Comes with 80 biodegradable bags
  • Easy tie, scented bags
  • Easy to use
  • Long stick
  • Can be pre-loaded with 3 bags
  • No waste bag compartment and hook (it’s a consequence)

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6- Best For Catching PoopGoGo Stik ST, The Totally Clean Pooper Scooper – Poo Catcher

Not all tools are meant to pick up the poop from the ground; some are there to help you with catching the poop before it touches the ground. 

Gogo stik is an extendable stick that you can carry on your walks and keep ready for your dog. 

Preload it with a bag and when it’s time for your dog to poop, catch the mess in it. 

After finishing, wrap the bag and throw it where you want. You don’t need to bend or touch the mess. 

This stick comes with a bag attachment to easily pre-load it with a bag. 

However, this stick doesn’t have a hook to attach it to a leash, so you have to carry it. A dog bag will be so helpful.

Summary of features of GoGo stik ST:

  • Extendable stick
  • Any type of shopping bag is attachable
  • No need to bend or clean up after the dog is done
  • Pre-load it with a bag
  • NO hook to attach it to the leash
  • NO waste bag compartment. 

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Here are a few more things people ask:

Do You Really Need A Pooper Scooper For Walks?

Carrying a pooper scooper is not essential if you are okay with picking up the poop with your hand (wearing the poop bag of course) but a scooper can really help you to avoid touching the mess. 

It is an easy-to- to carry and easy-to-use tool that can benefit your walks. 

Qualities Of A Good Pooper Scooper For Walks?

A pooper scooper should have the following qualities to make it great for walks. 

  • Portable: Portability is the first thing that a pooper scooper should have when you carry it for walks. The large rake and bin-type scoopers will not work. 
  • Strong: A strong and sturdy pooper scooper is important because you wouldn’t want it to break down while doing the job. 
  • Waste bag compartment: A waste bag compartment can carry so many poop bags. Whenever and wherever you need them, the compartment will have your hand. 
  • Lightweight: You are going to carry it, so it should not be heavy. 
  • Suitable size (as per the dog breed): a pooper scooper should be able to pick up all the mess according to the dog size. A large-sized dog would need a large pooper scooper.

Conclusion: Best Portable Pooper Scooper For Walks:

A pooper scooper should be portable, lightweight, strong, and suitable size according to the dog size when you are going to carry it on walks. 

 A hook to attach it with the leash and a waste bag compartment would be a great help. 

The best portable pooper scooper to carry on walks is a VPOER dog pooper scooper with a bag. It is great for all sizes of dogs, easy to carry because of the hook, works on all surfaces, has a big jaw with teeth, and is affordable.

Best forPooper scooper for walks (click to shop)
OverallVPOER scooper
Large dogsDogBuddy Large
Small & Medium DogsDogBuuddy small
ExtendableJondarla Scooper
Easy to useHandiScoop
Poop catcherGoGo stik ST

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