How To Train Your Dog To Poop On A Pad? – (5 Tips That Work)

Puppy pee pad training is a good solution for many people and it can be really beneficial if the training is done right. But sometimes dogs pee on the pee pad but won’t poop there. 

Training a dog to poop on a pad requires some tricks and ideas. You need to first understand him and find out the solution according to the problem.

Make sure that there is not any problem with the dog’s health. Rule out constipation first!

Here are a few tips that will help you to train your dog to do all the deeds in the right place.

1- Find out why the dog is not pooping on the pad:

This is the very first thing you need to consider. Why the dog is not comfortable pooping on the pad?

a-  The dog doesn’t understand: 

The dog might not understand that this place is for pooping too. This is usually the result of improper training.

b- Pad area is not enough: 

Dogs move a lot and sniff the area around them and then poop. The size of the pad might not be enough for him and he ends up pooping on the floor.

c- Negative association with pooping on the pad: 

He has a bad association with pooping on the pad. Dogs get anxious really quickly.
If the dog has been fine but now you are like,  

“My dog won’t poop on the pad anymore” it may mean that he encountered something bad while pooping there. For example, someone yelling or shouting at him, sounds of thunder, or any other loud noises that might disturb an animal. 

Any negative association would stop the dog from doing the act which he has been doing for so long.

d- He is just not comfortable: 

It is also possible that the dog is just not comfortable pooping there.

e- He prefers pooping on some other surface: 

Your dog might be comfortable anywhere else like on the concrete or on the grass. This is possible especially when you are raising a stray dog.
You will find out once you will spend some time with him.
If you have adopted the dog from someone else, you can ask the previous owner about the dog’s preferences.

2- Start training him from where he is comfortable: 

Once you will find out that where your dog is comfortable, it will be easier for you.

a- If it’s outdoor: 

If it’s outdoor, you can switch from pads to outdoor, however, this is not a possibility for some people. If you are one of them, you can start training him from there. 

Take the pad there and when your dog is about to poop, place the pad near him. 

Every time do this, but gradually move the pad towards the dog.

When the pad is close enough to the dog, make sure that one of his paws is on the pad and then gradually move the pad under the dog. 

When your dog’s paw touches the pad, give him the treat to create a positive association. 

By using this gradual approach, your dog will become comfortable pooping on the pad and he will eventually accept it as a potty spot. 

If your dog prefers to poop on the grass, you can switch from normal puppy pads to real grass pads. It’s better. 

b- If the dog poops next to the pad:

If you feel that your dog is just not comfortable then you can follow the same gradual approach to make him poop on the pad. 

But if your dog circles and move around to poop, then the area might not be enough for him. 

Get a large pad or place 2-4 side by side according to your dog’s requirements.

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3- Note down the dog’s pooping schedule:

Most healthy dogs poop at least once a day. Small dogs may poop more often.

Every dog has its own fixed schedule of pooping. You have to notice and note it down. 

Keep your dog confined to an area. A playpen will be a great tool to help you with that. 

Keep him in the playpen and give him his toys. Make sure to place a puppy pad there too. Keep an eye on him. 

Every time your dog poops note down

  • What is the time when he pooped?
  • After how much time of eating or drinking did he poop?
  • Did he show any signs like sniffing, circling or barking, etc? If so, what was the sign? 
  • What was his activity level before pooping?

By knowing your dog’s pooping schedule, you should be able to train him properly. 

Every time when it’s time, or if he shows the signs that he needs to go, hold his leash and move him to the puppy pad. Give him a treat. 

Your dog will most probably poop on the pad. As soon as he does the deed, give him another treat. 

If he won’t go there, try next time. Try try again, until he learns. 

4- Create a positive association with treats:

Dogs are food motivated. You have to use treats to create a positive association in order to get him comfortable. 

Especially, if the dog is negatively associating the pads and pooping, you must comfort him with praises and treats. 

When it’s almost his pooping time, 

Put your dog on a leash, give him a treat and move a few steps towards the pad. Give another treat and a few steps more. 

When you reach near the pad, take out a treat and bring it near the pad. Let your dog eat from your hand but very near to the pad. 

Place the next treat on the pad (make sure to use a fresh pad) in such a way that your dog will have to step on the pad to eat them. 

As soon as he reaches the pad, praise him with love (Calmly, don’t become overexcited).

Now when he is standing on the pad, say “the potty command”. If your dog poops, hurray! (he should poop now)

Give him a treat. 

If he doesn’t, it’s okay. Try again. He will eventually learn. 

5- Check his food and water intake:

This tip is not directly associated with the pad but it’s important when your dog is showing pooping problems. 

You need to make sure that your dog is eating and drinking enough. 

According to emancipet, a dog should drink at least 1 ounce of water every day for every pound of his weight.

Dogs need enough fiber and moisture content in their food to ensure healthy bowel movements. 

Healthy dog food should contain at least 4% fiber. 

Check your dog’s food label and make sure he is getting enough nutrients. 

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We usually recommend using real grass pads, as they are more convenient, natural, and easy to manage. 

Plus, you are not filling the landfills. 

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How to train your dog to poop on a pad? You should first understand that why your dog is not pooping on pads. If he requires more space, use a large pad or place 2-4 pads side-by-side. If he is not comfortable using pads, then use treats to create a positive association.

However, if you have used the right method to pee pad training your dog, then there should be no such problems.

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