What Will Attract Dogs To Pee? – (Best Dog Pee Attractants)

Dogs are fun but they can cause a lot of trouble too. “Pee on different things” is an issue that comes with a dog. But what will attract dogs to pee? Are there any special scents that a dog would pee on? How can you use these factors to get your dog to eliminate where you want him to do? What are the best dog pee attractants?

What Will Attract Dogs To Pee? 

Dogs love to pee on certain scents or stuff. This is their nature. Here are a few things that will attract your dog to pee. 

1- Dogs Pee Where They Smell Pee:

It is a dog’s nature. He would pee where he smells pee. This is why I always recommend an enzyme cleaner to clean up after potty accidents. A good enzyme cleaner will completely eat up the dog’s urine smell.

When you will clean using a normal cleaner, a small amount of smell will still be there that is easily detectable by your canine’s nose. 

If you are wondering what is attracting your dog to pee inside the house, then it can be his own urine smell that is left uncleaned in the house. 

UV flashlight can help you find out the old urine stains and an enzyme cleaner will help you clean it. 

2- Puppy Attractant Sprays:

There are sprays available in the market that are good for attracting dogs to pee on their scent. 

It is said that these sprays are made up of plant extracts that mimic dog urine smell however it is not clear which plants extract. 

But there is not a single spray that works well for every dog. It’s a hit and trial. I’ll explain in a while.

3- Puppy Pads With Added Attractants:

Some puppy pads are available in the market that has an embedded scent for attracting dogs to pee on them. 

Not all pads have this feature. But the ones that have can be a good choice (if you are pee-pad training your dog). It will be mentioned on the packaging whether they have attractive or not. 

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4- Dog Pee On Other Dog’s Urine Smell:

It is also a common dog behavior to pee where they smell other dogs’ urine. It is basically “urine marking”. 

Your dog will be attracted to pee on other dog urine to give the “other dog” a signal. It’s a dog language to communicate. 

5- New Objects In The House: 

For a similar reason, i.e urine marking, dogs will be attracted towards the new objects in the house to pee on them. 

They will try to mark it as their ownership especially if you have other animals in the house. 

It doesn’t show that your dog is feeling insecure, it’s just a doggy thing. 

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What Is The Best Dog Pee Attractant (Commercial)? 

Now I will explain that there is not a single puppy attractant spray that will work for all dogs.

There are plenty available in the market but each dog has its own personality and choice. No one knows how dogs communicate using scent language and why do they go on a specific scent.

One spray that works for one dog might not work for the other. 

It’s a hit and trial. You will have to get a few and see which one works. (thankfully these sprays are very inexpensive).

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Here are the puppy attractant sprays that might work for you.

1- Simple Solution Puppy Aid Training Spray:

Simple solution is a famous brand that makes doggy diapers, training pads, pet cleaners, and potty training aids. This spray may work for your dog

2- OUT! PetCare Go Here Attractant:

Out! Is another good company that makes puppy potty training-related products. Their potty training attractant spray may also work for your dog. This brand is worth giving a try.

3- Pooch Pads Potty Training Attractant:

Pooch pad attractant spray is a good option too. It works for many dogs. It is also non-toxic and safe for animals but you must read the guidelines before using it.

4- Bodhi Dog Potty Training Spray:

This product won the 2020 family choice award. This is a cruelty-free formula that attracts dogs of all ages and breeds. 

However, just like other potty training sprays, this is also a hit and trial.

Can You Make Dog Pee Attractant At Home?

The only way to make a dog pee attractant at home is to take your dog’s urine and store it in a bottle. Yuck!

Otherwise, I’m not sure how would you make it at home.

The good thing is that commercial dog potty training sprays are inexpensive and you can try them. 

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Do Puppy Pads Have A Scent To Attract Dogs

Some puppy pads contain scents that will attract dogs to pee on them. Not all of them have these features but some brands mention that their product contains scents. 

Best Puppy Pads With Attractant: Four Paws Wee-Wee Pee Pads For Dogs

Four paws Wee-wee puppy pads are available in many sizes, from little to giant. 

These large pads contain targeting attractants that will attract the dog to pee on them, making potty training so much easier. 

Does Ammonia Attract Dogs To Pee?

It is said that ammonia attracts dogs to pee. It is also said that many puppy pads have ammonia scents to attract the dogs to pee on them. This is why you should not use ammonia-based cleaners to clean the dog’s urine, as it will invite the dog to go there again. 

Does Vinegar Attract Dogs To Pee? 

Vinegar does not attract dogs to pee. Instead, it acts like a dog repellent. They just hate all the smells that are harsh. Vinegar scent is not so appealing, even for humans, and dogs would never ever go to that place where they smell the vinegar. 

Besides the vinegar smell, dogs hate citrus scents too. 

What smell do dogs hate to pee on?

Vinegar smell may act as dog urine repellent. Dogs hate the smell of acetic acid (vinegar), citrus smells, coffee smell and the smell of some essential oils. They are very less likely to pee on these smells.


What scents attract dogs to pee? Dogs pee where they smell urine, and there are commercial sprays available that might attract your dog to pee. Ammonia scent also invites the dogs to soil the place while vinegar and citrus scents keep them away.

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