When Do Puppies Stop Peeing So Much? – (What’s Not Normal?)

Puppies are a lot of work. Aren’t they? Apart from helping them burn their energy, you must be outside every few hours (sometimes minutes) for a potty break. So when do puppies stop peeing so much so you can have some rest and actually enjoy your time with your little fellow?

Before talking about when they stop peeing so frequently, we need to know why they pee so much and how often they usually pee. 

Why do puppies pee so much?

Puppies have tiny bladders, and their muscles are fragile. As a result, they can’t hold the urine for a long time, so that they will pee so much. 

They will pee less frequently as they grow and develop bladder and muscular strength. 

Moreover, young puppies are so energetic. They will always play and jump, stimulating their bladder and peeking often. 

Another reason is drinking too much water. If your puppy has easy and regular access to water all the time, he will drink more than he needs, which may cause him to pee so much. 

How often do puppies pee?

Typically, puppies will hold their bladder for one hour every month of their age. So, for example, a 3-month-old puppy will hold his bladder for 3 hours. 

But this is just a general rule. Every puppy has a different capacity. So we can take this rule as an estimate and update it according to our puppy. For example, a large puppy will hold it longer than a small puppy. Similarly, a puppy with stronger muscles and healthier eating will hold it longer. 

Let’s use the general rule to figure out how often puppies pee.

A puppy needs a toilet break:

  • After 5-15 minutes of eating
  • After 5-10 minutes of drinking
  • Right after a physical activity session like training or playing. 
  • First thing after they wake up
  • Right before going to sleep
  • Before and after the time in the crate
  • Before you guys leave the house
  • When the puppy shows the cues like sniffing, scratching, barking, circling, squatting, suddenly changing position, being restless, etc. 
  • And every few hours depending upon their age. So, for example, a 3-month-old puppy will need a potty break every 3 hours if none of the above happens. 

These are the typical estimates. You must have a tracker in hand where you put all your puppy’s potty information. 

Writing down and tracking will help you notice the individual pattern of your puppy, and you are likely to be on track and prevent accidents.


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    When do puppies stop peeing so much?

    Now! The main point of this article;

    When do puppies stop peeing so much? Puppies stop peeing so much when they are between 7-9 months old. That is when they develop enough bladder strength to hold the urine, almost like an adult dog. Before that, they need to urinate almost after every activity. But this is a gradual process; your puppy will need fewer toilet breaks as they grow older.

    puppy peeing

    An adult dog usually pees 2-3 times a day. When your puppy is 7-9 months old, he will control his bladder and won’t need to go out after every other activity. 

    Another plus point is that by the time he reaches this age, you won’t need to be with him during every potty break. 

    Don’t be scared with this information. It doesn’t mean you will take him outside to pee every hour before this age. And one day, suddenly, he will become a well-behaved dog. 

    Your puppy will gradually stop peeing so much. 

    As they grow older, the frequency of peeing will keep reducing. With every passing week, your puppy is growing his muscular strength and will require less frequent potty breaks until he reaches 7 months of age and hold it or as long as an adult dog does. 

    Is it normal if your puppy is peeing every 5 minutes?

    There are three possible reasons why your puppy is peeing every 5 minutes. 

    1. Your puppy is drinking too much water all day long
    2. Your puppy is too young (like a couple of weeks old)
    3. The puppy is emotionally active; for example, he is excited or scared.

    If none of the above is true, then this is not normal for your puppy to pee every 5 minutes. So, it’s best to contact the vet. 

    Get a paper and pen and note down the time when your puppy pees. Writing down will help you track what’s happening, and it’s easier to communicate with the doctor. 

    Is it normal if a puppy pees small amounts frequently?

    Peeing small amounts frequently is not normal except for urine marking.

    Learn about urine marking here.

    Peeing small amounts frequently can be a sign of a UTI. Look for other signs:

    • Is your puppy in pain when he tries to pee
    • Is there any change in urine (foamy, cloudy, or red-colored?)
    • Is he Licking around the genitals
    • fever

    If you see any of these signs, talk to the doctor immediately. 

    Learn more about UTIs in dogs and puppies here. 


    The puppies stop peeing so gradually as they grow older. By the time they are 7-9 months old, they will have enough bladder strength to hold it for so long. They will need 2-4 toilet breaks per day by this age. 

    Small breed puppies may take more time, and even as adults, they need more toilet breaks compared to large breed dogs.

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