11 Reasons Your Dog Peed On You! – (How To Stop Him?)

You are sitting on the couch watching tv and all of a sudden your dog jumps on you and pee! “Why did my dog pee on me?” 

Is it really normal for a dog to pee on persons including his very own owner who has raised him like a child?

Here we are going to talk about this problem in detail.

Did my dog pee on me on purpose?

Your dog might or might not be peeing on you on purpose, it depends upon so many things including what was going on and what was the situation of you and your dog when he peed on you. 

They don’t do it just to annoy you but they can do it out of “jealousy”. Let’s see.

It is best to find out the reason first and then decide if your dog peed on you on purpose or not?

Why is peeing on you so wrong?

You know that it is so wrong, this is not what you want from your dog. This is obviously not acceptable behavior. 

  • If he pees on you, it may be a sign that he is trying to show some dominance which is not good to keep him as a pet. 
  • It can be a sign that he is not getting enough love and is stressed out.
  • It is really really bad for potty training, it can cause regression.

Why did my dog pee on me?

Your dog may have peed on you for any of these reasons. 

  1. Urine marking
  2. Excitement (submissive urination)
  3. Fear (submissive urination)
  4. For attention
  5. Confusion
  6. Being more physically active
  7. Medical condition
  8. To show dominance
  9. To show that you are dominant
  10. Due to weak bladder
  11. Or just an accident.

Let’s just dive deep and find out individual solutions for each of these problems:

Reason # 1- Urine Marking:

By far, the most common reasons for dogs peeing on their owners!

Urine marking, also known as territory marking” is a natural act of dogs to write their names on something. It is a doggy way to show “ownership”.

It is possible that he just thought that someone is trying to steal you from him and he might try to mark you. 

How to know that your dog peed on you to “urine mark”?

See if

  • Did he raise one of his legs to pee?
  • See if you have played with any other pet?
  • Are you not giving him enough attention?
  • You just had a new friend?
  • Did you put a different scent on you?
  • If the amount of urine was small?

If any of this is happening, it is more likely to be urine marking.

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Get more information about urine marking (and stopping it) here.

How to stop a dog from urine marking on you?

Check that if you are giving him enough attention? The better you will bond with your dog, the better he is likely to perform and won’t try to mark you, as he knows that you are already his. 

Whenever you see him lifting his leg, immediately stop him with a clap and sound “No”, give a tough look, and move from there. 

This is the key “don’t stay there”.

Show him that if he is going to mark you, he is eventually going to lose you and your attention. 

Reason # 2- Excitement (Submissive urination)

It can be a form of submissive urination. 

Submissive urination happens when a dog gets extreme emotions, i.e. extreme happiness or extreme fear. 

It can happen when your dog became so so excited to see you, jumped at you, and peed.

It can be your fault if you were not at home for some time, came back and immediately greeted him like crazy, “come on my boy! I missed you so much”. 

You were excited, he was excited and he peed. 

How to stop a dog from peeing on you when excited? 

You can’t really stop him from peeing at you when he is excited, what you can do is, 

Reduce the excitement and keep things calm and happy. 

Say, when you are entering the home, Don’t greet him immediately. 

Enter the house, go to the kitchen, drink some water, get on the couch, take a deep breath and call your dog, and cuddle him smoothly. This is how things should look like.

On other occasions, when you find your dog excited, sit down and don’t let him jump on you. 

Whisper! He’ll be distracted and will try to listen to you in the first place. 

Reason #3 – Fear (Submissive urination)

Is he afraid of something? He has been punished for peeing or pooping in the house or someone threatening him. He might pee out of fear.

Yes! This is the second form of submissive urination. 

Submissive urination can mean that the dog is submitting himself to you. He might have peed on you to tell you that he admits you as alpha and wants you to save him. 

How to check that he peed on you because of fear?

  • Check if he is quiet?
  • See if there are any other signs of fear like barking a lot while looking at one place or anyone?
  • Any other changes in behavior?

How to stop a dog from pee on you out of fear?

Help him recover from fear. Give him more love.

Check out why he is afraid and beat the reason. Never yell at him in such a situation.

Reason # 4- For Attention:

Your dog might be peeing on you for attention.

It is also a form of urine marking, but it is different from territory marking. 

He just needs to get more time of you and this can become a reason for him peeing on you. 

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How to figure out if “attention” is a reason?

  • You need to check out what is going on around you? 
    • Have you got a new friend or girlfriend?
    • Are you occupied with something else?
    • Is he trying to jump on you more often?
    • Does he spend more time right in front of your closed bedroom door?

How to stop a dog from pee on you for seeking attention?

Simple! Give him his time but not when he pees on you. 

When he does so, immediately leave him alone to give him a signal that he can’t get attention by peeing on you. Don’t yell at him either. 

Reason # 5- Confusion:

If there are several people in the home having different commands for the dog, it can cause confusion. 

The ups and downs of your very own behavior can also cause confusion. 

If the dog is older, dementia can cause confusion. 

How to figure out if the confusion is the reason?

Again, just check what is going on around you and you will understand what is causing confusion in your dog.

According to vca, signs of nervousness or stress in dogs are

  • Putting the tail between legs.
  • Shaking 
  • Yawning
  • Hanging the head down
  • Ears are drawn back. 

How to stop the dog from peeing on you because of confusion?

Don’t cause confusion for him.

  • Talk to the family about what should be the schedule and commands for the dog.
  • Stay consistent with your behavior with him. If you are stressed or excited, spend some time alone. 

Reason # 6- Being more physically active:

Say, if you are playing with the dog and he peed on you.

Being more physically active activates the bladder muscles and dogs feel an urge to pee. 

Say he needed to go all of a sudden but he was busy playing, he could pee on you accidentally.

How to stop him from peeing on you in this case?

  • Just be more firm with the potty training.
  • Give him a bathroom break before and after every play session. 
  • Don’t carry him up when you have just finished playing. 
  • Don’t pick him up or let him jump on you after a meal or water intake. 

Reason # 7- Medical Condition:

Any medical condition/urinary incontinence can be causing your dog to pee on you. He is not doing this on purpose.

Certain conditions like

Can cause the dog’s bladder to leak. It’s not just his fault.

How to deal with this problem?

The best thing is to take your dog to the vet and seek professional advice. 

Reason # 8- To show dominance:

Dogs use their urine to give signals. It can be “whatever”. 

It is possible that your dog might have peed on you because he wanted to show dominance. 

However, this is rare. Dogs usually don’t try to dominate their owner.

A stray dog may try to do this. Because he has lived his life on the streets and does not completely understand what human love is.

If your dog doesn’t bother obeying you many times a day and then he peed on you, this can be a sign!

How to stop the dog from peeing on you to show dominance?

You need to do a better job with the training. 

Show him that you are dominant, not him. 

  • You need to set rules, limitations, and boundaries. 
  • Don’t carry his load, hang his backpack on him
  • Do not forcefully love him
  • Stay neutral with your tone and moods. 
  • Do not feel anxious or nervous in front of the dog, he may sense it and try to take charge.

Reason # 9- To show that you are dominant

Remember, we told you that dogs use their urine to give signals. 

Other dogs may understand those signals but humans just miss them.

Your dog may have peed on you to submit himself to you.

It can happen especially when you have been yelling at him and he is now submitting himself to you. He wants to tell you that, “yes! I acknowledge that you are alpha and I’m here to follow you.”

How to solve this problem?

Again! You need to do a better job with training your dog and you need to look for your own behavior. How do you deal with him?

Reason #10- Weak bladder?

It is possible that your dog’s bladder is not yet developed enough.

If he is just a puppy of fewer than 7 months old, his bladder muscles are still weak. He is not fully potty trained yet.

Or if he is aging, his muscles are being weaker! 

A weak bladder may be the culprit behind your dog peeing on you. 

How to solve this issue?

Don’t give a puppy so much freedom before he is fully potty trained. 

If you suspect that your dog is being weak with time, have a visit to the vet.

Reason # 11- It was just an accident

Last but not the least, it could be just an accident. 

If it just happened only for one time, not before or after that. Then it is possible that it just happened. 

What to do immediately after your dog peed on you?

So these were the reasons behind, now let’s talk about what do you have to do immediately when you see your dog peeing on you or when he peed on you already. 

  • If you see your dog trying to pee on you, like when he shows that cues or if he lifts his leg, immediately stop him with a clap sound or saying “no”, stand up and move away.
    He should know that by doing this he is going to lose you. 

  • When he peed on you, get up immediately, don’t shout at him in any case.
  • Give him a tough look, look straight into his eyes.
  • Head to the washroom, and clean yourself up immediately. 
  • Don’t forget to wash your clothes with an enzyme cleaner. 
  • Don’t come back to the dog right after that, let him understand that he lost you by doing this.
  • Then figure out the reason and solve it. 

How to stop My dog from peeing on me when I’m sleeping?

If you are sleeping and your dog pees on you, most probably, it means he is marking. But it could be peeing too. 

  • First, limit his access to you when you are sleeping, close your bedroom door.
  • See if he is not fully potty trained and he is not getting enough potty breaks on time.
  • Double-check your crate training. 
  • Double-check your obedience training. 

Why did my dog pee on my bed in front of me?

He might be trying to mark your bed. See if there is another scent on your bed that he is trying to cover from his urine. 

Don’t let him access your bed in such a situation and clean up the bedding immediately.

Why would a dog urinate on a person?

Dogs urinate on people for several reasons, from marking to just peeing. Anything can happen. 


Why did my dog pee on me? “Your dog might have peed on you to mark you as his territory, it can be submissive urination or it can be just an accident due to weak bladder. What you have to do is, get up immediately and wash, and don’t return to the dog right after that. Let him understand that he is not getting your attention by doing this. Figure out the reason and solve it.”

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