How To Pick Up Dog Poop Without Touching It – (& Without Bending Over)

You love your dog but not his poop. Right? No one does. I bet, the person who is already picking up the mess with hands (using a plastic bag or poop bag) would be finding ways to get rid of going near to the mess. So you need to know, how to pick up poop without touching it and even bending over to it?

There are hundreds of ways to pick up a dog’s mess but not every way suits everyone. Like:

  • Using a poop bag as a glove, picking and throwing it away. 
  • Training your dog to use a litter tray and cleaning the tray, you still need to bend over and clean up the mess. You may still have to deal with the mess by hand.
  • A shovel can be used to pick up poop from a yard but not from the house. 
  • Using a rake and a dustpan is another great option, but you may need to sit down with the poop.
  • Some people use a newspaper to do the deed.

There are lots of ways to pick up and throw the do poop but let us just talk about the method that just suits almost everyone, even for the people who can’t bend over. The people who live in an apartment can also follow too, with a few extra essentials.  

How to pick up dog poop without touching it and without bending over to it?

It is best to set up a system for you instead of looking for temporary solutions because your dog is not going to live with you.

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Supplies you will require:

No. SuppliesBuy on Amazon
1A long pooper scooperShop now
2Doggy DooleyShop now
3Waster terminatorShop now
4Compostable dog poop bagsShop now
5Enzyme cleanerShop now
6A long mop (optional)Shop now
7A Large Bucket (optional)Shop now
  • A long pooper scooper: A pooper scooper is a long stick-like scooper that makes clean up easier than you think. 

You can pick up the poop without damaging the surface and simply throw it where you want. 

Here’s the list of best poop scoopers with bag attachments.

  • Doggy Dooley: A doggy Dooley is an eco-friendly dog waste disposal system. It’s a perfect solution for a pet owner. It doesn’t take a lot of space. 

You just have to install it in the backyard and throw the waste there. No need to wait for the trash truck. 

  • Waste Terminator: It is available in the form of powder or tablets, it contains the enzymes that will digest the dog’s poop within days. 

Usually, it takes from 9 weeks to up to a year for dog poop to decompose in the soil. With this terminator, it can be done pretty quickly.

  • Compostable dog poop bags: it is not necessary to use poop bags to scoop up the poop but if you will use a poop bag on the top of the scoop of the poop scooper, You will not need to clean up the scoop of the poop scooper. (lots of oops) 

It is even better if the bags will be compostable because you will be able to throw the bag in the Dooley without touching it. The enzymes in the waste terminator will eat the bag too. (no harm to the earth)

  • Enzyme cleaner: Even if you will scoop the poop without spreading it, a tiny quantity of the mess will be there on the surface, it’s good to throw a small quantity of enzyme cleaner on the surface so that it could eat the odor away. 

Especially during the potty training, when you don’t want your dog to pee or poop in the same place again. 

Find out the list of best enzyme cleaners (according to the surface type)

  • A long mop: For the people who do not want to bend over to clean up the remaining tiny mess, a long mop can help to clean the surface after throwing the enzyme cleaner. (this is for surfaces other than grass). 

Make sure to dedicate that mop only for dog poop. And keep the mop out of the house. 

  • A large bucket with lid: For the people who don’t have a yard, don’t worry, you should just get a large bucket that comes with a lid, fill it with soil and use it as a “piece of the ground”

How to pick up and dispose off dog poop without touching it?

Follow these steps:

Step 1- Install the doggy Dooley

The first step is to install the Dooley. They don’t take up a lot of space. 

First, dig a hole in a corner of your yard, according to the size of the product you are buying. 

The deeper the better. 

Place the dooley there and you are done.

Measurement of the hole will be given in the manual of the product. Usually, it should not be more than 20” in width. 

One dooley should be enough for 1-2 large dogs or 2-4 small dogs. If you have more, then consider setting up 2 or more systems.

Beware, digging a hole can be a tiring process, so it is better to ask for help if you can’t do it yourself. But the good news is that it is only a one-time process. 

Step 2- Cover the scoop with a compostable poop bag

When your dog poops, cover the scoop of the poop scooper with a compostable poop bag like this; (just replace the plastic bag with a compostable bag). With the use of the hands, makeup space in the middle to pick up the mess. 

Step 3- Pick up & throw

With the help of this scooper, pick up the mess. Open the lid of the dooley.

A good dooley should allow you to do this with your foot, just like you do while throwing the trash in a trash can. 

Throw the poop in the dooley along with the bag (make sure the bag is compostable).

Add some waste terminator and water in it, if it’s the first time. 

Put the lid back and you are done.

Step 4- Throw a small amount of enzyme cleaner on the surface

The surface from where you have picked up the poop! A tiny amount of the mess can be there, which can cause the odor. 

You may consider cleaning it especially if you are potty training your puppy, he had an accident in the house and you don’t want him to go there again.

You can throw a small amount of enzyme cleaner there according to the surface. 

Find out what is the best enzyme cleaner according to the surface type. 

Let the cleaner sit there for 15-20 minutes and clean it up properly.

Step 5- Clean the supplies

Using this way, there are only a few chances that your supplies will get dirty but still, we recommend cleaning them with anti-septic once in a while.

Take a large tub, fill it with water and add a small amount of anti-septic to it. Dip your supplies like poop scooper and mop etc, in it and clean them with a clean cloth. 

Step 6- Throw waster terminator in the dooley once or twice a week

According to the instruction given with the dooley, throw some waste terminator in the dooley once or twice a week.

If it’s a powder, it should be no more than 1 tbsp per dog per week and if it’s a tablet it should be one tablet per dog per week.

Add water according to the instructions given.

Step 7- If you don’t have a yard

If you don’t have a yard or you live in a high-rise apartment, you can get a large bucket, fill it with soil and install the Dooley in it. Make sure to place the bucket on a balcony or somewhere like that. 

Benefits of this method

  • Suitable for everyone, for older age people, for people living in a high rise apartment, etc
  • Do not need a large space to set up the system.
  • You don’t need to clog your toilet by flushing the poop in the toilet, (in some countries/states, it is not even allowed.) 
  • You don’t have to wait for the trash truck to take away the odor.
  • By covering the dooley with the lid, there are huge chances that no odor will annoy you.
  • The whole system is very easy to use. (however, you may need to consume some energy to set it up.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to pick up dog poop when it’s liquid (diarrhea poop)

First, a normal dog poop should be a little firm in consistency, so make sure to check with his doctor. For picking up that mess, you can use compressed air spray to freeze it (however, it may not work for a very liquidy mess) and spread some clumping cat litter which will make it easier to pick up the poop. 

Unfortunately, you may have to wait until the poop becomes solid, and then after picking you will have to clean the surface with an enzymatic cleaner.  

How to pick up dog poop without touching it when you are on a walk?

You can carry the pooper scooper with you, use it to pick up the mess, and throw it in the nearby trash can (most dog parks have a dedicated trashcan for dog poop). 

If you are reluctant to carry a large stick, there are smaller pooper scoopers available which you can attach to the leash of the dog. 

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How often do I have to throw dog poop?

As soon as the dog poops, you should throw it in the right place. Because dog poop carries pathogens that can be harmful to humans and even for dogs too. 

Most healthy dogs poop once or twice a day so it should not be a big problem.

How to harden dog poop to pick up?

You can use compressed air spray to do this. Clumping cat litter can also help you out.

Sometimes you may have to wait for it to harden on its own.

Best way to pick up dog poop from rocks?

It is usually harder to pick up the poop completely from the rocks, especially if the mess is not enough firm in consistency. Just use the poop bag (as a glove) to pick up as much as you can. Make sure to move your hand slowly so it doesn’t go deep down. 

For the rest of the mess. Mix some enzyme cleaner with water (you can use anti-septic too) and throw it on the mess. When all of the mess is gone under the rocks, cover it with some soil on it so it could get decomposed there. 

How to pick up dog poop from grass?

A pooper scooper should work really well for picking up the poop from the grass. However, if you are concerned about the leftover, throw water on it mixed with an enzyme cleaner.

Here’s the enzyme cleaner that is best to use on the grass. 

How to pick up dog poop in the house?

You can use a pooper scooper to pick up the poop and after that, you will have to clean the surface to get rid of the odor. 

Here’s how you have to clean up the mess within the house 

And here’s the list of best enzyme cleaners according to the surface. 

Where to throw the poop if you live in a high-rise apartment?

If you live in a high-rise apartment, you can get a large bucket, fill it with the soil and install a doggy dooley in it. Pick up the poop with the scooper and throw it in the dooley along with the waste terminator. Place the bucket on the balcony or in the area where no one spends most of their time.

Why do you need to pick up dog poop immediately?

Dog poop contains pathogens that can be harmful to humans and even to dogs. They also breed some harmful insects. So it is best to throw the dog poop ASAP. 

Should I pick up dog poop in my backyard?

You should pick up dog poop in the backyard otherwise its smell will reach your house and your neighbors will also complain. Dog poop takes around 9 weeks to get decomposed in the soil.

Can I flush dog poop?

Can you flush your dog’s poop in the toilet? For the answer, check with the rules of your local authorities. However, in any case, it is not a good idea to flush out the poop especially if it’s large in quantity. It may clog your toilet. 

What happens if you don’t pick up dog poop?

By leaving the dog poop on the surface you are exposing people and even dogs to harmful bacteria and pathogens. They can cause illness. 

Can you get sick from picking up dog poop?

If after picking up the dog poop, you won’t clean your hands properly with a good anti-bacterial soap. Then yes, you can get sick. Dog poop bacteria can cause diarrhea and other intestinal illnesses. 

Where do you put dog poop after scooping?

After scooping the dog poop, it is best to throw it in a dooley you have installed for this purpose. If you don’t have one, then pack it in the dog poop bag and wait for the trash truck to take it. The packed bag should be placed in a trashcan outside the house. 

What kills the smell of dog poop?

A good enzymatic cleaner can do the job for you. Otherwise, white vinegar or baking soda may also help. 

What neutralizes dog urine?

What is the best dog poop pick-up tool?

A poop scooper is the best tool to help you out in picking up your dog’s poop. Add a dog poop bag on the scooper and it will be even better. We recommend nature’s miracle scooper. 

Here’s the list of the best poop scoopers that come with a bag attachment.

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How to pick up dog poop without touching it and bending over to it? “You need to set up a system. Install a doggy dooley. When your dog poops, fix a compostable dog poop bag on the scooper and scoop the poop. Throw it into the dooley along with the bag. Add some waste terminator and some water according to the instructions given on the product. After that, throw a small amount of enzyme cleaner on the surface from where you have picked up the poop, let it sit for 15 minutes and clean it with a long mop. See, no need to bend or touch the poop.”

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