Using Puppy Pads While At Work! – (Let’s Make It Happen)

Nothing in the world is as notorious as a puppy pee pad. But somehow many people have to use them. Like people with tiny dog breeds who need to go every now and then and the people who live in a high-rise apartment. Using puppy pads while at work also becomes inevitable.

When you are here, looking for a way to use puppy pads while at work, we can’t just say that these are not good and you should not use them at all. Of course, you are not here to listen to this phrase once again.

Using Puppy pads while at work! Good idea or bad?

If you are working part-time or working from home, you should not consider using puppy pads. But if you are working full time, using puppy pads while at work can be a great deal.

But you need to understand, acknowledge and practice a few things to make the process work. 

These 2 articles might be really really helpful for you if you are going to potty train your puppy on pads while at work.

Tips to make using puppy pads successful

Here are a few tips that will make the process successful:

1- Acknowledge that your puppy may take more time to understand good potty habits. 

This one is very important. When your dog or puppy is being potty trained while you are working full time, he may take a lot more time to set good potty habits as compared to a dog who is being watched and trained all the time.

Why are we asking you to acknowledge this? 

This way you will be more patient with your animal and you will know what is going to happen in the next few days, sorry, weeks, or maybe months.

2- Understand the accident may happen

Besides acknowledging that he will take more time to become fully potty trained, there are still chances that he will regress and at least have a few more accidents even after being potty trained.

And that is not his fault. 

You need to make sure that you are practicing things fine, following up with the training regularly and sticking to the schedule. 

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3- Always have a pet camera set up

Even if you are providing him with puppy pads while you are working, you still need to set up a camera to communicate with him. 

Fix your potty command and potty spot which is going to be a puppy pad. Note down the time when he needs to go and say your fixed command through the camera. 

A treat dispenser will help to treat him for the good deed. 

(A camera with a built-in treat dispenser is a great deal)

We have explained the whole process in detail in our complete guide to potty train a puppy on pads. 

4- Provide a bedroom with an attached bath

If you are using puppy pads, you are not supposed to provide him with the pad and leave him anywhere in the house.

Set up his tiny bedroom

Use the playpen as a room, place the crate inside on a corner as a bed, and on the other side, fix a place for the pee pad as a toilet. 

Don’t forget to leave doggy toys especially licking and chewing toys.

You can also turn the TV on to beat the feeling of loneliness.

5- Get the grass pads

Instead of using normal absorbent puppy pads, why not use grass pads. 

  • They are easy to use and change
  • Less risk of chewing
  • It will be easier to transition him to go outside.
  • It will be easier to get him to pee during a walk.
  • Use of grass is earth-friendly.

There are 2 options to choose from.

One is an artificial grass pad that is available on Amazon.

The other and better option is real grass. 

We recommend Porch potty fresh training sod.

6- Do not keep changing the pad position

The place you have fixed to place the puppy pads, should be fixed. 

If you keep changing the positions, you are increasing the chances of potty accidents. 

We also recommend that you don’t change the brand or type of the pad you are using. Let the dog or puppy associate the surface with going to the toilet.

7- Provide with only one large pad

Instead of using multiple pads, it’s better to provide one large space to go.

As we said earlier. You don’t want to confuse your dog! Right?

Otherwise, it may cause puppy potty training regression

8- Placing the pad around a window or balcony

When you are working and will not be there for a long time, the pee and poop in the house will cause a lot of smell and you wouldn’t want to enter the house with a laundry clip on your nose. Right?

By placing the pad near a window will help to reduce the smell in the house and a plus point is, your doggy can enjoy watching birds from there. 

9- Always use air purifier

For a similar reason, you can use an air purifier to refresh the environment in the house. 

10- Change the pad as soon as you see it

After coming back home from work, you should change the pad as soon as possible. And clean the surroundings with a good enzyme cleaner. 

11- Do not try to train him to go outside at the same time

When your dog is not yet fully potty trained, you should not try to take him outside to pee when you are home. 

Stick to one method at first. You are using puppy pads, use them only. Even at night. 

Make sure to stick with the potty spot that you have designated for the toilet.

After your dog is fully potty trained, you can slowly introduce him to the outside world.

Beware: While introducing the outside area for potty, potty training regression might happen. 

12- Follow up with the good habits when you are home

After your dog is fully potty trained now, you can’t just let him go. 

He is peeing and pooping inside the house, he stays alone for long hours. Many of his problems might go unnoticed. 

So, it is best to keep up with the follow up. 

When you are home, take him to the potty spot according to his schedule. Give him proper potty breaks as you would do if you were still training him.

Puppy Pads or Newspaper:

Many people use newspapers as a potty spot for the dog but it is not a good idea especially when you work. 

Using puppy pads, ideally, fresh grass patches, is a great deal. 


Using puppy pads while at work: If you are working part-time or working from home, using puppy pads might not be a good choice but if you work full-time, you can go for it. Provide your dog with a tiny bedroom (a playpen) and fix a spot to place one large pee pad and train him to go there. Always set up a pet camera and say your fixed command when it is time to go potty. Treat him through a treat dispenser. 

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