9 Common Puppy Pee Pad Training Problems (& Solutions)

There are a lot of informational articles available about using puppy pee pads; many of them just tell you how bad this idea of using pads is. There are lots of puppy pee pad training problems, but you can solve them if you are really into your work.

But as we mentioned in our complete guide to potty training a puppy on pads, that sometimes use of these pads becomes inevitable. 


So when it happens, you should just look for what those problems are and how you can solve them.

AKC states that sometimes using pee pads can help in successful potty training.

Puppy Pee Pad Training Problems And Their Solutions

Here are the most common problems you encounter while and after using puppy pee pads.

  1. Develops bad potty habits
  2. Peeing on other soft things in the house
  3. Puppy may chew the pads
  4. May increase the time to potty train a puppy
  5. Smelly house
  6. Difficulty getting the dog to pee in a new place.
  7. What if you forget to carry the pads?
  8. You may become lazy
  9. Many brands are not eco-friendly

1- Develops Very Bad Habits

Even if you are training your puppy to use pads, you are still allowing him to pee and poop inside the house.

It is often said to let the dog think that the whole house is their “Den” and they are not supposed to soil it. It is said to be the main rule of house training a puppy.

But what can you do when you don’t have proper outdoor space, and you have to let him go inside. 

How To Solve This Problem?

It’s inevitable for you to take him outside to pee so what you can do is!

Fix only one area of the house, preferably a corner around the balcony or a window, where you will place those puppy pads. 

Just fix one place and stick to it. And let the dog understand that the rest of the house is his “den” and he can go only to this place when he needs to relieve himself. 

2- Peeing On Other Soft Things In The House

Puppy pads are made of soft material that almost looks like some white cushions or mattresses with a white sheet. 

Sofas, couches, and other stuff in the house also feel soft and smooth, and if your puppy has not yet understood what a pee pad is, you may encounter several potty accidents on other soft things in the house. 

And more potty accidents will only lengthen the time it will take to potty train a puppy. 

How To Solve This Problem?

Instead of buying soft and white pee pads, get the ones that look like grass.

There are plenty of them out there. 

Some are made up of artificial grass and come with a tray under them; you just have to replace the upper pad.

And you can also subscribe for a fresh grass patch. The company regularly delivers a grass patch of your chosen size.

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3- Pads Chewing

The puppy may start chewing the pad because he doesn’t know what this is and how to use it. You are a puppy owner and you know how bad this problem is. These puppies chew anything, and when they do this for pads;

  • It becomes a very big hurdle for potty training
  • Pads are not food, so it may harm the dog.
  • If there is pee already, and your dog starts chewing it? Ewww
  • You can’t leave him there for a second until he is fully potty trained. 

How To Solve This Problem?

You have to do something with the pads. There are 2 options:

4- It might Increase The Time Taken To Potty Train A Puppy

Besides learning to hold the bladder and going potty on a specific surface, he must learn the difference between pads and other things. 

This may take more time for your puppy so yes! Using puppy pads to potty train your pup may take longer than training him to go outside. 

How To Solve This Problem?

There is not much you can do about it because it is a natural process for your dog to learn and it may take time. 

However, by being consistent, having patience, not letting your puppy go to the wrong place, and by following the proper method & following all tips we gave in this article, you can do it quicker than you think.

5- Smelly House:

When your dog is peeing and pooping inside the house, it is very natural for the smell to spread across the house. 

And you love your animal, not the smell of his urine. 

A smelly house is definitely a big puppy pee pad training problem.

How To Solve This Problem?

  • Replace pee pads more frequently
  • Dispose off the pee pads properly, pack them in the poop bag and keep them in a smell-proof garbage bin.
  • Dispose of the poop properly.
  • Use an air purifier in the house. 
  • Learn about proper pee and poop cleaning techniques 
  • Always use a good enzyme cleaner
  • Last but not least, place the pee pad near a window or the balcony. 

6- Dog Being Uncomfortable To Pee In New Places

When the dog becomes used to pee under the roof, he might give you a tough time when you try to get him to pee in a new place

Like in someone’s house, while traveling and sometimes on a walk too. 

How To Solve This Problem?

  • It is best to take your dog on walks daily.
  • Train your puppy to go on a fresh grass patch.
  • Keep the pad from where the dog could see the sky. 

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7- Risk Of Forgetting The Pads While You Are Out!

When you train your puppy to go on pads, you will have to carry a bunch of pee pads.

Most people do this!

And this is not easy at all. 

What if you forget them?

How To Solve This Problem?

  • Again! Train him to go on a grass patch, so you won’t even need to carry some. 
  • If not, get 2 small doggy bags, and keep all the doggy outdoor essentials, including the pads, in those bags. Hang one right next to the exit door and one in your car. 

8- May Make You Lazy

While potty training a puppy on pads, many people become lazy, thinking that, “Nah! He doesn’t have to go outside; the pad is right there; he should be capable enough now to go on his own.” 

Yes! Many people think like that. 

Even if your dog knows where the puppy pad is, you still have to be consistent with your potty training schedule until he is fully potty trained.

How To Solve This Problem?

There is not much we can tell you about this besides providing you with guidestips, and other informational stuff.

You have to

  • Set realistic expectations
  • Be consistent with your efforts
  • Know what your puppy is going through
  • And be with him to the end. 

9- Many Pads Are Not Biodegradable

Many puppy pee pads are not made up of biodegradable materials. So not so good for the earth.

This is a priority for many people.

How To Solve This Problem?

Switch to biodegradable options.

  • Use fresh grass patches instead of using normal disposable puppy pads. 
  • Wizsmart claims that their pads are made up of unused baby diapers.
    They say that, “WizSmart saves over 80 million unused diapers every year. Instead of going to landfills, we repurpose them and use the material in our own unique super absorbent blend to make a diaper quality pad.”

How To Solve Most Of The Puppy Pee Pad Training Problems?

By switching from pads to natural grass fresh patches, you can avoid most puppy pee pad training problems. 

We recommend the Porch Potty Fresh Grass patches

Do you plan to use puppy pads in the long term?

If you plan to use the puppy pads for the long term, I can recommend the porch potty premium, which can act as a permanent indoor potty spot for your puppy (or dog). You can fix it near a water source, and it can clean itself when your dog urinates on it.

The drainage hose will take care of the used water. Other accessories like a ramp, pee panel, canopy, or cover make the porch potty more suitable for indoor potty spots.

However, there are two consequences;

first, you have to pick up the poop (you have to do it anyway, use the puppy pads or not);

Second, it is expensive. But you can pay them in flexible installments too. And it’s a one-time purchase (except for the grass patches), so it becomes less expensive compared to regularly purchasing normal soft puppy pads and then risking your puppy’s potty training.

Click here to check other features of the porch potty.

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