How To Potty Train An Untrainable Dog? – (7 Magical Tips That Work!)

Some dog breeds are quite stubborn and untrainable. This is not their fault. They are bred to be stubborn. Some dogs were bred for hunting and if they wouldn’t be active and stubborn, how they would chase the prey for hours. While some were bred to be companion dogs, they are usually mollycoddled. Stubborn and hyperactive dogs often give a tough time when they are potty trained. 

How to potty train an untrainable dog? The world’s most untrainable dog can be house trained if the trainer knows what is the right method of training, he knows the depth of his dog’s breed traits. The trainer must bond with the dog first and know what kind of training treats will motivate the dog to learn. And yes! Don’t underestimate the power of a consistent schedule. 

Let me explain!

how to potty train an untrainable dog

How to potty train an untrainable Dog?

Here are a few tips that will really help you to housetrain that stubborn thing. 

1- Understand your dog’s breed traits:

Understand why your dog is stubborn. Different dog breeds are difficult to house train for different reasons. 

Like a beagle is a scent hound. He doesn’t stay in a place to finish peeing and does not listen to the owner when he finds a new scent to chase. So, his reason for being stubborn is his natural desire to follow scents. 

Pugs have a natural tendency to become stubborn at times. They were bred to be companion dogs so they are usually mollycoddled. They have a low level of energy and they mostly love to sleep. This is another factor that causes a pug to be stubborn. They wouldn’t bother to get up only to follow a command. 

Understanding your dog’s breed traits and why he is stubborn will really help your dog’s housetraining. 

How? Take the above examples. 

The dog who loves to chase scents should be potty trained using pads and should be put on a short leash. Repeating the potty command during the deed is also beneficial to keep him focused. 

Pugs are stubborn but they are very eager to please their owner. They are especially too attached to their primary owner. So, when the primary owner will train him using the treats and praises, he will listen. 

Similarly, every dog has some weakness that should be picked up by the trainer and be used in the training. 

2- Bond with the dog first:

Most dogs are eager to please their owners. Dogs are known for their loyalty. If you have just got your dog, and you are starting his training right away and expecting great results just because you are doing work, then you are wrong. 

Bond with your dog first. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take him to potty breaks on time and let him soil the house. 

But you should confine him to an area (preferably using a playpen on a solid surface, that is easy to clean) and play with him. Feed him with your hands. Show your love.

Once your dog will feel your love, he would do anything to please you. Then you will see great results with the housetraining even when your dog is so stubborn. 

3- Use a variety of treats (dogs prefer meat):

Most dogs (all dogs) are food-centered. You can say that they are obsessed with food. 

Know what tastes dogs find delicious. Dogs are omnivorous, which means that they can eat both, plants and meat. 

But they have a strong preference for meat. 

AKC states, “Different species have different taste preferences depending on what they evolved to eat. Wolves eat a diet of about 80 percent meat in the wild, so your dog also has a strong preference for meat.”

So, use treats that have meat as the main ingredient. 

Instead of using one pack of treats, I recommend stocking up a few packs with different treats to motivate your dog to behave well. 

Every time your dog needs to go, treat him with a different and delicious taste and praise him.

Untrainable dogs will also love the taste and is most likely to become a bit more trainable. 

A quick tip: Make sure to give a moderate amount of treats and that should not be high in calories.

4- Be firm and consistent with the routine:

A consistent and firm routine is a very important factor in a puppy’s potty training. 

A dog will pee and poop at a certain time after eating, drinking, and sleeping. When you will have a consistent and fixed routine, you will be able to notice that after how much time doing a certain thing, your dog does the deed. 

By knowing his schedule, you will be able to take him to the potty spot in time and avoid house soiling. 

Every successful visit to the potty spot is one step forward in the training. 

Similarly, every accident in the house is a step back in the training. 

an untrainable dog

5- Neuter or spay the dog:

If your dog is not yet neutered or spayed, then there are chances that he will be more stubborn and dominant. 

Male dogs are usually harder than female dogs because testosterone surges may make them stubborn. 

Neutering can really improve a dog’s behavior, especially aggressiveness. 

If your dog was potty trained but he is dealing with potty training regression now, read this article. (how to deal with housebreaking regression after neutering or spaying?)

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6- Don’t underestimate the cleanups:

Dogs are naturally coded to pee in the place where they smell pee. This factor can go in or against your favor, it depends upon you. 

If you are letting your dog smell the pee inside the house, it will be your fault that he will soil the house again. 

If the animal had an accident previously, you must clean it up immediately with an enzyme cleaner. (normal cleaner won’t completely finish the marks of urine).

Use a UV flashlight to check if all the mess is gone or if there are still any marks. 

Here’s how to choose a good enzyme cleaner according to the surface which is soiled. 

7- The trainer must learn first and then start training:

The person who is going to potty train the dog must learn first. Random acts of training won’t work. It will mess up with the dog’s mind, instead. 

Getting prepared, knowing when and how to start, having all the necessary supplies in hands, training the dog to follow the most basic commands first, and setting (and fixing) the right schedule that fits the trainer’s routine and the dog’s requirements as well, is necessary. 

Here’s my step-by-step guide on how to potty train a puppy (from start to the end). 

Even this whole website is dedicated to making the readers learn about this type of dog training. 

Read the full guide, bookmark the blog and learn. 

If the trainer knows what he is doing, the world’s most stubborn and un-trainable dog will be trained within no time. 

You can do it! Just learn it. 

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