4 Best Puppy Pads With Attractant – (Do They Work?)

A puppy training pad is a great tool that can help you housetraining your puppy when you cannot take him outside to pee. It is not a bad thing if used in the right way. A good puppy pad with an attractant will help a lot. It will attract the dog to pee in the right spot. 

In this blog post, I’m going to share a list of the best puppy pads with attractants and a few other questions about them. 

Here “attractant” means a scent that attracts dogs to pee on it. 

Glad for pets, black charcoal puppy pads are the best puppy training pads with attractants due to their additional features like odor locking, large size, adhesive tapes, and extra absorbency.

do all puppy pads have a scent to attract dogs?

Not all puppy pads have built-in attractants, but some have.

It will be mentioned on the packaging of the pads when there is a scent to attract dogs to pee on them. 

You can also get a pack of simple training pads along with a bottle of puppy pee pad attractant. There are plenty in the market that might work for your dog.

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Do Puppy Pads With Attractants Work?

Puppy pads with attractants work, but every dog is different. One dog may like the scent to pee on it while another will stay away from it.

It’s a hit and trial, but most puppy pads with attractants work for many dogs. 

However, there is not a magic thing that will train your dog to pee on the spot. You will have to do it. 

Puppy pads and attractants are just the tools that will help you to achieve success faster, but the trainer has to do all the work.

You must understand the right process of potty training and follow a consistent schedule. 

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Can I Spray Dog Pee Attractant Spray On A Pad To Attract The Dog To Pee On It?

Yes, you can get a potty training spray from Amazon and spray it on the puppy pad to attract the dog to pee on the pad.

However, the use of potty training spray is a hit-and-trial method. 

Get a few different types of sprays and see which one works for your dog and then use that one on the pad. 

Do Washable Pee Pads Have Attractants?

Washable pee pads usually don’t contain an attractant. If there is any, it will be washed.

However, dogs pee where they smell pee. Get your dog to urinate on the washable dog pad and don’t wash it using an enzyme cleaner.

Use a normal cleaner, as a normal cleaner won’t finish the dog’s urine smell completely. A tiny amount of smell will invite the dog to pee on it.

His own urine smell will become the attractant.

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The Best Puppy Pads With Attractants?

Here is the list of best puppy pads with attractants.

1- Glad For Pets Black Charcoal Puppy Pads:

Glad for pets is a good company that makes puppy potty training products and their most famous product is Glad for pets black charcoal pads. 

It has a built-in attractant that attracts the dog to pee on it. While the carbon technology neutralized odor. 

Glad for pets’ large pee pads can absorb up to 6 cups of liquid. 

Adhesive corners make them so easy to use. It won’t slip or change the position. Your dog may not be able to chew it. 

You can also stick half of the pad to the wall that will help a male dog with targeting. 

2- Simple Solution Training Puppy Pads:

Simple solution is one of the most famous brands that specialize in making products to solve pet’s potty problems. They make dog diapers, training pads, enzyme cleaner, potty training sprays, etc.

Simple solution pads are great for puppy’s potty training, as it has a 3-in-1 attractant that keeps working to attract your pet to pee on it.

Its extra-large size and 6 layers technology make it much more absorbent. 

The tear-resistant top layer prevents damage. 

3- Four Paws Wee-Wee Pee Pads For Dogs:

Four paws wee-wee pads have a built-in attractant that attracts dogs to pee on them. Thus they reduce the risk of potty accidents and help in potty training.

These pads are made up of 6 layers. This feature makes it more absorbent.

Four paws wee-wee pads extra large pads are 80% bigger in size as compared to average pad size so it is great for all dogs’ sizes. 

4- SPOT X Marks The Spot Extra Absorbent Pee Pads:

X mark the spot pads are the only pads that have an X mark on them. There are concentrated pheromones that attract dogs to pee on them. 

The concentration around the X mark makes sure that the dog only urinates in the middle of the pad. Thus, it will avoid leakages. 

Spot X pads have micro-lock beads that absorb the urine. This is how these pads lock the odor and keep the house smell-free. 

There are adhesive tapes on each corner of these pads that will keep the pad in place. 

These square pads are 22 * 22 inches. 

Best Puppy Attractant Sprays:

Other than puppy pads with attractants, you can also spray a puppy attractant liquid on a simple pad to attract the dog to pee on them.

Some of those sprays are:

Bodhi Dog Potty Training Spray (Buy on Amazon)

Pooch Pads Potty Training Attractant (Buy on Amazon)


Do puppy pads with attractants work? Yes, most pads with built-in attractants work, but it doesn’t mean that your dog will be trained by himself. The dog owner will have to do the work. He will have to set a consistent schedule for him and take him to the potty spot right on time. 

A pee pad with an attractant is only a tool to help the trainer. 

Glad for pets, black charcoal puppy pads are the best puppy training pads with attractants due to their additional features like odor locking, large size, adhesive tapes, and extra absorbency.

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