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Everyone loves dogs, and at the same time, everyone hates picking up dog poop for good. This is the most disgusting part of being a dog parent. But you can’t just leave this part for someone else. Or you can?

A few good solutions may help you pick up your dog’s poop more bearable. 

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1- Use a Poo catcher:

So, you hate picking up dogs’ poop? Why not catch it before you pick it up from the ground. A poo catcher is a great tool. You can say that it is a better version of a pooper scooper. 

All you have to do is; keep a poop bag attached to the poo catcher, and when your dog is about to poop, bring the scoop of the pooper sccoper under the dog so the poo goes into the bag. 

No need to bend and touch the poop. The best part is that you don’t have to clean up after your dog.

This poo catcher is portable so that you can take it on walks too. 

The only drawback is that you need to be ready before your dog poops. Like the bag should already be attached to the stick, and you should know when your puppy or dog will poop (which a dog owner usually knows). 

Don’t forget to use strong poop bags with this poo catcher if you don’t want the bag to tear apart and the poop goes onto the floor. You will have to clean up. 

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2- Call a specialist:

Another great option is to call a company that offers pet waste disposal services like doody calls. It usually costs less than $15-$20 per visit, which is affordable for many people. You can call them twice or once a week, whatever suits you (and your pocket). 

The downside is that you have to wait for someone to come and pick up the mess. For the time being, what about the smell? Moreover, you have to pick up the waste during the walks by yourself. 

So, you can use the poo catcher on walks and call the pet waste disposal service once a week to clean up the backyard. 

3- Pay someone to do this for you: 

Instead of calling a company, you can also pay someone to remove your pet waste. There are plenty of people who are looking for some part-time work to earn a few extra bucks. Usually, teenagers who do not have a job yet but still need a few dollars as pocket money might happily do this. 

If you do not know any person like this who is likely to accept your offer, try posting on social media. I’m sure you will definitely find someone in the neighborhood who would come to pay your dog a visit daily. 

4- Use a normal pooper scooper with a bag attached:

Most people use the poop bag only to pick up the dog poop. They would wear the poop bag as a glove, pick dog poop and turn the poop bag inside out. The waste might not touch their hands, but they still can feel the disgusting poop. 

Use a normal rake & bin or jaw drop pooper scooper. Make sure to get a pooper scooper with a bag attachment to fix the bag on the top of the scoop, pick up the poop using the scooper, and then remove, tie, and throw the bag. 

There are plenty of different pooper scoopers. You can get a rake & bin scooper at home while a small portable pooper scooper on walks. 

This article is really helpful to find a perfect pooper scooper for you. 

A dog waste holder, like do do tube waste holder, is also a great thing to carry the filled poop bag when you are on a walk. 

5- Get scented poop bags:

Besides the feel of dog waste, the smell of this is also awful, which makes a lot of people gag. Try scented poop bags that will cover the smell of the waste for a while. At least it’s enough for the time it takes to throw the poop bag in the garbage. 

Do you have to pick up dog poop?

Picking up your dog’s waste in public areas is absolutely necessary. It is illegal to leave pet waste in public areas in most states. 

Moreover, you shouldn’t leave the dog poop anywhere because it contains so many harmful germs that can leave people extremely sick. 

According to EPA, if you won’t pick up the dog poop and dispose of it properly, it can make its way to the water supply. 

What to put on the dog poop to make it easier to pick up?

You can spray Aerosol poopfreeze spray on the dog poop to immediately make it more solid and easy to pick up.

Moreover, always watch what your dog eats. A healthy dog’s poop is firm in consistency. If your dog poop is liquidy or extra hard, it’s best to talk to the vet. 

Where do I throw the dog poop out of the house?

You can throw the dog poop in the garbage can but make sure that it is sealed properly. Still, I recommend you to read your local laws. 

If you have a backyard, you can set up the doggy Dooley pet waste system. You can throw the dog poop there and throw some waste terminator along with it. 

This article will be really helpful for you to set up the mini waste disposal system in your backyard. 


“I hate picking up dog poop!”. You are not alone; everyone hates it. But the good news is that Several solutions will help you out. The poo catcher is the best solution. It doesn’t cost you a lot. It’s a lot less “yucky,” and you can carry it on walks too. The next best option is paying someone to help you out.

Scented poop bags and a normal pooper scooper are good too. 

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