How To Pick Up And Throw Dog Poop While Walking? – (Legally)

Picking up and throwing the dog poop while walking can really mess up the fun of dog walking but a dog owner who is a responsible citizen would definitely do it. 

Have you ever stepped onto the dog poop? Most people have at least one such incident that happened in their lives. And a responsible citizen would never do it with others.

Let’s just discuss this topic in detail.

Do you have to pick up the dog poop when walking?

Yes, you have to pick up the mess. There are several reasons behind it. 

Do you have to pick up the dog poop when walking? You have to pick up the dog poop when walking because it contains many harmful bacteria and parasites. It is a legal responsibility in many places. A socially responsible person would never leave it there. However, you shouldn’t use plastic bags to dispose of. Opt-in for compostable or biodegradable dog poop bags. 

1- Legal Responsibility:

The poop scooper law is real. In many states of America, there is a fine for leaving the dog poop behind.  Like in New York, California, Illinois, Washington, Colorado, and texas. 

The fine amount is different everywhere but it exists. 

2- Social duty:

Imagine stepping up on dog poop while going to work or a nearby grocery store. It is our social duty to take care of other people just the way we want ourselves to be treated. 

So picking up our dog’s mess is important. 

3- Dog poop takes a long time to decompose:

It takes a long time for dog poop to decompose and vanish. It may take anywhere from 2-12 months depending upon several factors. 

So picking up and throwing the poop is better than leaving it and waiting for it to vanish on its own. 

4- It contains harmful bacteria and pathogens:

Dog waste is so harmful to humans and the environment. It contains many pathogens and harmful bacteria that can cause illness. 

Dog poop is number three in the list of non-point sources of environmental contamination. (ref)

So disposing off it in the right place is crucial. 

5- Smell:

The smell of dog poop is just horrible. You wouldn’t want to mess up with the freshness of the air where people would come to walk and relax with mother nature. 

6- Some people are allergic to dog poop:

Some people are just allergic to dog poop. They can get really serious when coming in contact with the germs of this mess. 

How to pick up and throw dog poop while walking

how to pick up dog poop while walking?

Here is the step-by-step procedure for picking up the dog mess while you are out. 

1– Keep the poop picking supplies in hand when leaving for a walk.

(The key to the process is “suitable supplies”. The better supplies you’ve got, the easier will be the process.)

All the necessary supplies (along with their usage) are listed below. 

2- When the dog poops, take the supplies. Open the poop bag. 

3– Cover the mouth of the pooper scooper with the poop bag.

4- Pick up the mess carefully.

5- Remove the poop bag from the scooper upside down, (like the mess is inside of the bag).

6- Tie the bag and throw it away. 

Where do you throw dog poop while walking?

Now when you have picked it up and wrapped it. Where would you throw it?

You have 2 options for a responsible person. 

  • Either throw the dog poop in the dedicated dog trash can in the dog park while walking
  • Or carry it with you in the waste bag holder. 

Throw in the trash can:

If you are walking your dog in a dog park, most probably there will be a dedicated trash can for dog poop. You can throw the bag there. 

Carry it with you:

If you can’t find such a trash can, you can carry it with you in the waste bag holder and then take it home with you. Throw it in the doggy dooley that you might have set up.

A doggy Dooley is a mini waste disposable system that can be set up in the yard. You can throw the dog waste in the dooley along with the waste terminator. 

It will eat up the poop without any smell or mess. 

(find more about doggy Dooley and its setup in this article.)

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Dog poop picking supplies you must carry on walks:

The supplies you will carry on walks are the main thing that is going to help you to smooth out the process. 

Note down this list and get them ready.

1- Portable pooper scooper:

A good quality portable pooper scooper is a must-have. You wouldn’t want to pick it up with your hands. The scooper does the job for you. 

We recommend VPOER pooper scooper because it has almost all the good qualities a portable pooper scooper should have.

Read more about the best portable pooper scoopers for walks here.

2- Dog poop bags:

The other most important thing is “poop bags”. You need them to avoid touching the mess from start to end. 

Make sure to choose compostable or biodegradable poop bags. Avoid plastic bags as much as possible.

Moonygreen Dog Poop Bag with Dispenser is a great option to choose. These are compostable vegetable-based waste bags. 

Bag rolls are great for walks as they can be easily carried in a dispenser.

Mooneygreen bags are unscented, extra thick, leakproof, and large-sized. 

The good thing is that they come with a dispenser that attaches to the leash. 

Read more: Top 6 poop bags for large dogs!

3- Poop bag dispenser:

You might have got a bag dispenser along with the poop bag pack but if you have not, you should. 

With a dispenser, you can carry as many poop bags as you wish and it can really get the job easier for you.

Keep a dispenser attached to the dog leash with pre-loaded poop bags, so you won’t forget them at home. 

Eliamo 2 pack poop bag dispenser is so nice. As it has

  • LED flashlight to make it easier to pick the stuff at night
  • Built-in battery
  • Very easy to install because of its button design
  • A hook/clip to attach it with the leash
  • Fits in all standard-sized poop bag rolls. 

4- Waste bag holder:

After picking up the stuff, you really need a place to throw it. 

But if you dont’ find a place, you will need to carry it. This is another hurdle on the way to fun dog walking. 

Carrying a smelly poop bag along with you can be a challenge but a waste bag holder can do the job for you. 

Doo Doo Tube Filled Dog Waste Bag Holder is a great tool that is built to carry animal waste. 

This is:

  • Reusable dog poop bag tube
  • Built to Lock the odor and germs inside
  • Portable, it has a hook/clip to attach it to the leash 
  • Suitable for one large dog or multiple small or medium dogs
  • Made up of easy to clean and odorless material. 
  • Secure locking lid
  • Available in 3 colors

5- Hand sanitizer:

Picking the poop with a pooper scooper and a bag saves your hands from touching the mess but it is best to sanitize your hands to be on the safe side. 

Dog poop has many harmful germs in it.

Having a pocket-sized hand sanitizer can save you from many diseases.

Bath and body pocket-sized anti-bacterial hand sanitizers are best for this purpose. 

6- Dog walking pouch:

Although, this is not a necessity it can be really helpful in carrying common dog stuff. 

It is just under $10-15 and it’s a one time expense, so there is nothing wrong in getting a small pouch that you can attach with your body and carry some small stuff like extra poop bags, hand sanitizers, and some dog treats especially when you are potty training your puppy.

SACRONS Dog Treat Pouch is a good option. This bag has

  • Metal clip, waist belt, and shoulder strap so you can wear it in 3 ways
  • Built-in bag dispenser
  • Large capacity
  • Easy to clean up
  • A mesh and a zipper storage

Here’s your quick shopping list:

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Compostable Poop Bags Buy now
Poop Bag Dispenser Buy now
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How to pick up dog poop while walking? You can pick up dog poop with a portable pooper scooper and dog poop bag while walking. The key is having good quality and suitable supplies in hand. You can then throw it in the dedicated dog trash bins or just carry it in a dog waste bag holder.

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